Kinda boxy looking

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  1. I dunno if its me but dont all old lambos look kinda square?
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    HA HA HA very funny. R u joking, you must be cos all you have to do is look at all BMW's they are cardboard boxes with wheels on them.
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    umm stop living in the past and get into the present, all cars at this time were boxes and lambos are boxy, as far as being a cardboard box all italian cars are kinda crappy, they are only designed to last for a certian time untill they need an engine rebuild. While a BMW will do 300,000+ miles before a major overhaul.
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    Thats pretty biased - you really don't know what you're talking about you noob. God, learn before you bash.
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    How many lambos do you see with over 60,000 miles? There isnt on in the world with 60k on it because the engines arent meant to last for a while. Italian cars are known for being fast but are shit during the long run.
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    Jeez, thats the most ignorant, retarded statement I have heard in my whole life.
    You dont see Lambos with over 60k on the clock because they are works of art, and you dont use a work of art for your daily driver. God, get your head out of your ass you friggin ass clown.
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    oooo im an ignorant clown because I said italian cars are crappy. Its true you know, ever see a alfa or an older maserati bi-turbo. The damn things are held together with finger tightnened nuts and bolts. Engines are just plain shitty with heads that crack easily. Dont belive me? Pick up the april 2002 issue of sports car international and it will tell you why maserati, fiat etc.. left
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    Ok don't compare Lamborghini with Alfa Romeo or Maserati IDIOT,and the reason you don't usually see Lambos with 60k miles on it is 'cause their owners don't drive them everyday and abuse them like
    their BMW's or other daily drivers,lol.
    Besides if you'd rather have a BMW then a Lamborghini there's some loose bolts in your head,lol.
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    maserati didn't leave, they're still going and they look pretty damn good.
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    Kinda square.this things got more 90degree angles than a block of flats. i hate it i hate it i hate it.
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    This is boxier than modern BMWs, terrone... You don't know what you're talking about.
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    wow, bmwpower, step back from from the crack pipe. labos, are racing machines. when you have extreme performance you have to sacrifice reliablitly. If i am not mistaking the engine that powers the miclaren f1 is made by bmw, and the mclaren will break down as much as a lambo. as for the 60,000 mile thing, what kind of dumbass would put 60,000 miles on a laborghini, especially a countach? Also genuis, if you have enough money to by a lamborghini, and insurance, you obviously can afford to fix it, DUH
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    Of course...

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