Koenigsegg Agera R sets new world records

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by ANP, Sep 2, 2011.

  1. It mattered when McLaren did it..
  2. 0-200mph times for some of the other high hp cars

    Hennessey Venom 1000 = 20.3 sec
    Veyron SS = 22.2 sec
    Veyron = 24.2 sec
    S7 TT = 23.4 sec
    McLaren F1 = 28.0 sec

    not even close to Agera R

  3. Who really cares about straight line benchmarks with speeds that high, when the car can't be taken to the track?
    nobody will ever go from 0-200mph on a public road, so who really cares?
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    Koenigsegg = http://www.supercarmovies.com/html/interface.html and find the Koenigsegg video. just listen to what Marc Basseng says "It feels really heavy, suspension's really soft." funny because it's supposed to be the lightest car there in the super test right? lol same thing Ben Collins said about these cars. during Top Gear's testing the power steering faded halfway through corners, brakes were awful and gave out, high speed cornering lacked downforce and stability... you're THE worst troll ever Raging Bull, shut the #$%# up and kill yourself, you have no worthy opinions and no one here has or ever will take you seriously, I reiterate once again, kill yourself.
  5. another victory for ford engineers after the cobra setting some impressive records in the 1960's

    +1 Ford.
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    lol at comparing Koenigsegg's prototype of an old model to an Agera R...The bottom line is that Agera's annihilation of all records is inevitable.
  7. Kill yourself.
  8. Yet the McLaren F1 is still the most desirable out of all of those, what does that tell you about the importance of these figures?
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    What a shitty digital dash/tach. Laughable when compared to the LFA's. And I bet the LFA wasn't all taped off and shit when it killed the Nurburgring record.
  10. Agera R: claimed
    Veyron SS: tested (without top speed key) by Autocar

  11. sain mafalda, hahahaha
  12. lol your insanity is amusing as usual, hopefully Guibo will see this.
  13. Do you have any video proof of it breaking a lap record anywhere?
  14. this doesn't exist.
  15. Koenigsegg is a myth.
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    how is he the worst troll ever when he keeps instigating responses from you?
    sounds like hes a pretty good troll
  17. Did they take the wipers off?
  21. I'm sure it is, hell I'm a big fan of F1LM myself, but still nothing tops Agera R for me.
  22. I wonder what type if aftermarket exhaust sounds better for the ford small block a magnaflow or a borla ?
  23. because I prefer to answer, and tell him to commit suicide. good trolling is about being inconspicuous, a quality which he has lacked from the outset.
  24. If you're looking to get anywhere near the godly sound of a Ksegg V8, than you'll have to abandon the idea of using american engines due to their low-tech nature.

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