Koenigsegg Agera R sets new world records

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by ANP, Sep 2, 2011.

  1. probably ported some heads or something
  2. The race spec 5.0L V8 in the CCGT is essentially the same engine they're putting into their road cars, and that's why I'm certain it's 100+bhp/l without the turbos.

    Each pound of boost is roughly 20-30hp, so lets say the Agera R makes 30hp per pound of boost, that's 20x30=600hp and 1115-600=515hp.

    Also the weight of the engine together with the flywheel, clutch, dry sump system, and inconel exhaust manifold with turbos is at 197kg, another figure that can't be touched.
  3. Wow you're retarded.

    If you have any idea how boost relates to power, you'd know that adding 1bar of boost effectively doubles the power of the engine. This is because 1bar is approximately 1 atmospheric pressure. An NA engine can only mix a certain amount of gas into the air it inhales, thus doubling the air [by boosting the engine by 1bar] doubles the amount of gas it can burn, and thus doubling the power. So 1.4 bar of boost is ~2.4 times the natural engine's power.
  4. Keep in mind that Koenigsegg's have shown to make more power on the dynos making these calculations anything but accurate. In any case, it's safe to say the Agera's engine makes no less than 100hp/l minus the turbos.
  5. btw I just double checked the specs and it's actually 1.3 bar
  6. Wait you mean the ford engine in the agera
  7. You got it all mixed up again. The american engines will struggle to make 60-70hp/l due to lowl-tech. The Koenigsegg engines are all about engineering prowess.
  8. it's 10 pounds lighter than Ford's 5.0 crate motor

    also, the 1115 hp figure was produced with an engine tuned for E85

    940 hp on 95 RON

    I see what you're doing here
  9. Ya but the ford engine in was the agera makes over 100 hp per liters you just said it a few posts ago
  10. is it still feeding time
  11. ya and its all empty calories
  12. ms3 - 263 hp 2.3L 4

    ~114 hp/l

    more technology then the agera?
  13. That's not that impressive at all for a turbo engine.
  14. yeah ford engines have been exceeding that forever
  15. Seeing as the 1115bhp figure is from E85, and it makes 940hp on 95 RON, neither of which are particularly readily available at your neighborhood gas station in the US (or anywhere in Europe afaik, although I could be quite wrong not knowing much about what octanes are available in European countries, but it probably isn't that different from the US), could you tell me what it makes on something you can drive to a gas station and find, you know, like 93 or 91 RON?

    Or why, despite having a greater power to weight ratio than either the Zonda F or the Gumpert Apollo, no Segg has ever layed down a lap on the nurburgring approaching either?
  16. Koenigsegg also builds Agera R's for the customers that don't have access to E85 with damn near same power figures, oh and bringing up Zonda's and Apollo's in an Agera thread is laughable.
  17. laughable because they're so much better, i agree
  18. this. I've seen turbo B/H/K and even D series motors from Honda that make more impressive power than this engine. it's actually good that hes a troll because if this internet persona was even remotely close to a real life personality, he would be dead by now. lol, stop using 'lowl-tech' to describe engines, don't make up words ya ****.
  19. It's probably closer to 850-900 hp for 93 octane, which is still a lot.

    regardless, the hp/l of this engine doesn't matter since it's turbocharged

    does anyone know what type of turbos are used? it's not just about boost pressure after all
  20. It's laughable because the poor cars would end up getting violently raped in a comparo, it's not something you want to see.
  21. you know whats faster than a koenigsegg?

    a jet power land speed record car.

    they have jet engines (far more technolocial than a ford agera V8)

    you just got

  22. Still have not seen a Koenigsegg, I mean since it is Swedish, odds are somewhat better than usual. A Veyron visited Finland this summer, missed it, but I did see one in France.

    I need to do a visit to Stockholm... So close yet I go there so rarely.

  23. Except, both cars post incredible lap times on every track that embarrass any koenigsegg that was there prior.

    All the major supercar makes send a car to the ring at somepoint, if just to set a laptime. I think the reason Koenigsegg hasnt sent an agera on the track is because they know the car just isnt a significant improvement on the track over the CCX.

    Lest we forget, the CCX HAS been on the nurburgring, in 2008 when it was brand spankin new. And did it post a good time you may ask? No. in fact it was slower than much older cars, like the 2002 Enzo, 2004 Maserati MC12, and 2005 Zonda F clubsport. All of which has ~200 less horsepower, were comparably "lowtech" and were all tested by the same driver at the same time.

    the time the SUPERDUPER CCX posted was 7:33.6. A marked improvement from the lame outdated CCR with its 7:34 laptime. Koenigsegg really showing the other car makes how to do it. [the much older mc12 did it in 7:24, 10 seconds faster]

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