Koenigsegg believes Agera R can beat P1, LaFerrari

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by F50Fanatic, Mar 19, 2013.

  1. To extract the best possible lap time, but the base settings would still result in a new lap record.
  2. yawn

    also top gear track favors speed over handling
  3. Name ONE car better than ANY Koenigsegg. Try it.

    Didn't think so.
  4. Dacia Sandero?
  5. Well you know what? I would sure hope so, considering this car is around the same weight as the Huayra, and has over 400 more horsepower!
  6. BMW Isetta.
  7. 100% agree....
  8. The P1 could set a new lap record going in reverse. It and the LaFerrari will crush the Koeniggcrap simply because they can handle, and the Agera simply can't
  9. I'm afraid the stig would fall asleep halfway through the lap driving those two new exotic Priuses after having driven the Agera R.
  10. You mean he'd be in a coma after crashing the Agera R.
  11. This is pointless guys!
  12. i dont see how the agera r will run faster track times than those two from ferrari and mclaren, since its not a high downforce car. if i remember correctly, the quoted figures for the agera r are 660lbs of downforce at 250kmh, which is significantly lower than what mclaren and ferrari are claiming with their cars, about twice that figure at similar speeds.

    could koenigsegg produce a car that is aimed more at high downforce rather than high top speed? sure, but the agera r isnt that. it produces a fair bit of downforce, but nothing in the ballpark of the p1/la ferrari.
  13. I'm willing to bet my next paycheck that the P1/LaFerrari don't generate anywhere near their claimed downforce figures. I remember Gumpert claiming that the Apollo generates so much downforce that it could be driven upside down, but when it was put in the wind tunnel by Sport Auto, the figures were rather weak (196kg at 200km/h). I'm not sure what McLaren was claiming for the MP4-12C, but it generated a total of 64kg of downforce in the Sport Auto test.

    Koenigsegg's claims are far more believable, it even has a wing that's designed to level out at over 250km/h so that it wouldn't generate too much downforce/drag and destroy its tires.
  14. the only thing KERS cars can beat raw engine cars to is the nearest wendy's.

    dauer 962.
  15. Why would the tyres get destroyed? Are they low-tech tyres?
  16. Do you remember what a Koenigsegg CCR generated in that same test at 200km/h?

    HINT: 21kg
  17. Also, since when does downforce make tyres wear out faster.
    I'm surprised F1 teams haven't been removing all the downforce from their cars to make their tyres last longer.
  18. right...
    Koenigsseg surely beats P1 and LaFer on the highwat to Mars, but on the Earth I don't think it can beat them
  19. $7/hr for 3hrs.. then tax.

    Sweet $15! That should cover someones lunch...
  20. Would Top Gear even bother testing it given it's barely any different to the CCX and CC8S that they've already done in the past?

    Noone gives a shit about Koenigsegg. Well, apart from Raging Balls.
  21. LOL THey are morons with a dated car that can go in a straight line. It will be destroyed by the P1 or LaFerrari
  22. I reckon Koenigsegg will wait for all those exotic Priuses to put in their laps first before they get in there and set the ultimate time.
  23. I guess waiting 5 years is still technically a wait.
  24. If I was KS, and that much of a huge arrogant pal, I would place the car on a track against such opponents and seal the deal.

    The only fact that they don't do this tells everything. They're like the 10 yo kids on their BMX that wait 2 blocks to show you the finger.

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