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  1. the CCX is also heavier. I remember the curb weight was over 2,800 lbs.
  2. very true. i think even with that rear wing, that they should work on getting more downforce out of the car, and possibly detuning the engine because you really dont need that much power.
  3. Yeah you pretty much need to be a racing driver to properly test a CCX.
  4. I don't really know that in the Saleen or Veyron's case, that the supercharging methods have much to do with it... I'm guessing with enough RPM on the tach, both will spin the wheels with no boost at all. Acelleration is still (and will always be) limted by traction availible from the tires... AWD is undoubtedly a help in the case of the Bugatti, but I'm guessng the S7 can actually put more power to the ground as early as 40 mph or so, given the high rear weight bais, and the downforce.

    RWD cars with street rubber have matched, or exceeded, the Veyron's 2.8 sec, namely the Ultima GTR-720 and Ariel Atom 300... both with high rear weight biases, and presumibly notable weight transfer (for sports cars) achiving essentially the same level of traction though the rear tires when loaded as such. It's a terrible test for comparison though as there are too many variables involved... I personally, thought, the unimpressive lap time Evo put in with the CCX was quite telling... and the ease that faster laps were made with the more humble specification Carrera GT. I'm not a Porsche fan, but the CGT has surprised me again and again with it's results.
  5. In that very same issue of EVO, they clock an Atom 300 at 3.3 to 60. Figures are so dependent on environment and set up, which is why I really can't stand people who think they're really important. That car wasn't set-up for launching, it was quite warm, they did 12 full bore starts and who knows what else combined to make it "slow" on the day. Seriously, #$%# the numbers. Everyone should read what they say about the handling and feel of the car instead, because that's always what will be most important.
  6. you have to remember that the ccx is geared to run 250+ mph so its going to have very little low end, and wont have much high end until the end of the high end. the veyron is insane because its 4wd with traction control to put its 1001 horses onto the road, also its freaking heavy cause its a luxury car. the veyron's got so much all across the board because its got 7 gears, while its only one gear, its adds just that much
  7. in the test its gearing was shortened.
  8. what are they doing?

    changing gear ratios either to achive 250 mph or a better acceleration,
    same with the rear wing:
    they take it off to achieve 250 mph but put it on when it fails in the first track test and more downforce is needed to keep it on track

    what a carp!

    real supercars such as i.e. the Bugatti 16/$ Veyron, the McLaren F1 and nthe Dauer 962 LM come as they are, it doesn´t take any changes either to drive them at a public road, at the track and to the limit i fhte driver wnats, he can always rely on this cars but obviously not the Koenigscrap! <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  9. It's still a real supercar, and I have yet to see a test of the Dauer taken to its limits...
  10. lol, on lambopower they call it the Koenigsuck :p I agree though.
  11. Guibo what's your take on these acceleration numbers?
  12. Lol., And hear we go again with your funny comments to try to trash the K =)
  13. Lol., And hear we go again with your funny comments to try to trash the K =)

  15. sounds pretty much like a kit rather than a production car
  16. i still like it. i can't call it better than a Zonda though ,IMO
  17. Either that, or it's fully customisable and perfectly tailored to the customer's wants and desires. Why shouldn't the customer get exactly the car he desires at this price range? It's not like you wouldn't be able to get similar service from Ferrari, Porsche or even, yes, Dauer if you were willing to pay for it.
  18. They are about what I was expecting for a car like this in these (wet) conditions. It's not too far off the pace of the CCR they tested in the 100-150 interval, also in the wet. 17.8 seconds vs 17.4. The wing is fully functional as a downforce-enhancing element, so it may be producing more drag. Additionally, the changes to the engine to meet California emissions regs may have blunted the power even if it's not yet officially recognized.
    I'm hoping for a comprehensive, DRY-weather test of this car, for acceleration and top speed with a single set of gears.
  19. Lol U crack me up, =)

    Question. Don’t U want that service if U spend that much money on a car???
  20. if it takes such a service I rather would take a race car like i.e a Porsche 911 RSR, F430 CS make it street-legal and tune it to best performance either at the Nurburgring or Spa, a flat and fast track like Hockenheim or Oschersleben, country road, straight-line acceleration etc....

    a supercar such as the Koenigscrap is expeceted to offer the best compromise and handling under all circumtances like the CGT, Enzo or Zonda F do!
  21. Seriously Axel, just stop it. There's obviously some interim setting you can have that offers a good compromise between road and race track, but where on earth is the harm in offering a car so adjustable that you yourself can, even after you've bought it, adjust it yourself to suit whatever you want to use it for better than an interim setting would do? It's not a cop out, it's just offering the customer more than they would get in a car without the adjustability. It's fine if you don't like the 'Egg, noone's saying you have to. But if you aren't going to, then at least dislike it for a logical reason.
  22. So is 3.9s the best time we've actually seen tested by an outsider?
  23. The CC8S looks better IMO
  24. Koenigscrap !!!
  25. When McLaren F1 was taken to the limits they made modifications to the car aswell. When Ferrari are involved in a serious test they also supply a team of mechanics which can make the required changes to the car. That's just how it's done.

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