Koenigsegg Regera

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  2. Okay that side by side looked exactly the #$%#ing same, sure it was facelifted but the main features are the same, so you need to STFU

    other than that, the drivetrain.... I gotta say... and it hurts me to do so... its #$%#ing brilliant. Engine acts as both generator AND directly transmits power to the rear via single speed coupling that engages at 30mph (with slippage) and continues onto 248 mph. Basically the car is always in what would have been 6th gear and uses electric power almost exclusively to move the car at low speeds.
  3. #$%# you guys, it's #$%#ing great
  4. It's a stunning looking thing, can't wait to see a track focused version of it.
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    No, it's 1500HP.


    "The smaller of the three electric motors is located on the crank, making 160KW-214hp, and works as the starter motor for the V8, fills the torque curve in low rpms when there is turbo lag and harvests energy when the throttle is depressed. The other two, larger motors are located in the rear axle, providing 240hp each, driving directly the wheels with virtually no loss."
  6. Its an improvement. But they are still just polishing the same turd.
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    Yeah, there appears to be some confusion. Total power output is 1800hp, but it appears the electric motors disengage at high speed when the engine is closer to the end of its rev range, so while there is 1800hp on tap, when the ICU is producing peak power, the Electric engines don't, and vice versa.
  8. As you never actually use all 1800hp simultaneously, it's more truthful to say it's 1500.

    There's no need to over-state 1500hp, anyway. Nobody's going to think it needs more.
  9. I actually like it. It's a nice evolution of their typical design.
  10. The Regera looks like Barney the Craposaur took a dump in it.
  11. Video @ Goodwood :
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  13. My money's still on Wheelman
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  15. looks #$%#en gay

    the back would look cool, almost like an XJ220, if it didn't have that lifted toilet cover wing thing
  16. good to see them still rehashing that same borrowed 90's design
  17. It hurts me to say this but... koenigsegg is arguably the most innovative name in all of automotives. Koenigsegg and Tesla are making the most interesting moves right now.
  18. because they produce nearly everything in house, the r&d criteria and advancement becomes quite dominant unless they go more the boutique low production way.

    take other small production supercar makers like pagani. they produce and design very little of the drivetrain and most likely very little of the electronics, where koenigsegg goes as far as producing and designing proprietary circuit boards and controllers for various things.

    also, i would consider christian von koenigsegg more of a technologist and futurist than a designer or artisan like horacio pagani, different management/mission philosophies.

    lets see if their pneumatic "free valve" system makes it into production anytime soon as they estimated the tech be released right about these days.

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