lady gagas new album

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by MooSquad, Jun 2, 2011.

  2. I rather kalishnikov -up Baku
  3. I do.
  4. She reminds me too much of that sweedish group "ace of base" I #$%#ing loathe her (and ace of base)
  5. Don't we all want to nail polish sometimes
  6. ace of base is #$%#ing awesome.
  7. all her songs sound the same
  8. Surprised you don't like it Moo, it's so 80's. I kinda like a few tracks on it. Americano is catchy
  10. it improves on the second half, but it's way too much of the same, that's my issue with it
  12. yes , I was looking for good ace of base mash up's preferably hip hop ...but could not find a single good one ...
  13. never heard any lady gaga songs. by the sounds of it everyone else has. am i missing out on something?
  14. hahaha shes boring as hell
    everyone who said she's good is trying too hard
  15. She is good
  16. ya radio gaga whatever not really interested

    what did you think about kaizers most recent?
  17. You just lost a bet.
  18. I don't understand the appeal. She copies Marilyn Manson's style, her voice isn't that great, all of her songs have a simple format and she looks like a horse.
  19. I like her voice tbh
  20. Mustang, then.
  21. lol mary mason style

    she has a great voice
  22. i'd suck on her oversize clitoris
  24. lol

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