Lamborghini making 80 more Reventons?

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by PandaBeat, Dec 30, 2007.

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    LMAO (yes, I'm making another Lamborghini thread! sorry, this was just posted @ autoblog)

    VIDEO: Lamborghini Reventon

    Posted Dec 30th 2007 8:03PM by Noah Joseph
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    There are some photogenic cars that take your breath away just from the pictures. And there are others that you have to see in the flesh to appreciate. Then there are a few – like the Lamborghini Reventon – that fit both: each picture speaks a thousand words, but seeing it up close yields an even deeper appreciation of its styling. The most extreme of Lamborghinis was created for just that purpose: shock and awe.

    Although rumors are circulating that Lamborghini may give the green light for a total production run of 100, currently the company plans to build only twenty examples, which means that most may never have a chance to see one up close and in person. Fortunately Sant'Agata has released this video walk-around to allow the world to take in its latest creation in all of its oblique glory. Follow the jump to see for yourself.

    [Source: World Car Fans]
  2. lol I knew this could only be a PB thread :p

    I'd be pretty surprised if this happened tbh. (Esp @ the price)
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  4. i dont think/hope this is not going to happen
  5. If this happens and the orders get filled, I will lol endlessly.
  6. I love this car.
  8. the orders would get filled. and then they'd push to 125/150.

    this car is gorgeous though.
  9. didt FErrari get yelled at for making 1000+ F40s?
  10. I bet those dudes who bought the first Reventons are pissed since they wont be just in a
  11. No! For good reason. The F40 isnt a "special" edition of another car.

    The Reventon is just a prettyfied Murcielago.
  13. lol what a joke
  14. If I already would have wasted 1.4 million to get one of only 20 being announcec, I would feeel pissed and sacked and drop it immediately like a hot POS
  15. that if.

    cuz u would never own a 1.4 million or even be able to own a lamborghini.
  16. they made dickloads of Carrera GT's too.
  18. They never extended the CGT's production run. Didn't Ferrari state about a third of the final number and then decide to churn out more?
  20. who would yell at them?

    and this sucks. i like the idea of the reventon being a super exclusive run of the 640, almost a one off of sorts... but making a 100 of them truly makes the 1.4 million dollar price tag laughable
  21. talk about a kick in the nuts to the first 20.
  22. hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    hmm, uhhum, lemme compose myself. hahahahahahahaha

    this is too funny, seriously. so lets see. lets convince people of a very limited run car so they pay a one million dollar prime on a rebodied lp640 and then, because it made such rediculous profits from nothing, increase the production run by another 400%. i dont know if this will come through but if it does itll be one of the biggest scams of supercar history.
  23. Saw this one coming.

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