Lamborghini Murcielago replacement spy shots

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  2. 1) if it looks like the Murciel, and it has the engine of the Murciel, shouldnt this be just a newer Murciel than a whole replacement?

    2) Jota? how is that name supposed to fit the car? Whats that supposed to mean in Spanish?
  3. Total failure with the Jota comment. Someone might as well ban this guy now.
  4. It's a test mule. Obviously the actual car won't look like that.

    It won't have the same engine as the Murcielago. The question is whether it will have an improved version of the classic Bizzarrini-designed V12 that's had an incarnation in each of the flagships, or if it'll have a brand new engine.

    'Jota' is a classic Lamborghini designation that dates back to Bob Wallace's 1970 Miura Jota. The name refers to the FIA's Appendix J regs, which the car would have adhered to if it had ever been taken racing (it wasn't - the car was used as a testbed for improving the Miura platform, producing the Miura SV the following year). The name was reprised for the 1995 Diablo SE30 Jota, an even more hardcore specification of the SE30.

    Basically, it means the very most hardcore. If they really are considering this name then it will probably be a bit of a misnomer, because I can't imagine the Murcielago successor not having an emphasis on user-friendliness. More than anything else it's probably an indication of the car's performance. The upcoming Murcielago SV is rumoured to make somewhere around 700bhp and be losing 150kg, and the next flagship will need to beat that benchmark. So imagine how fast an even lighter car with that powerplant would be (or a similarly powerful engine - if they go all-new I can't imagine them devising something LESS powerful).
  5. EPIC fail. Ban this kid...
  6. RWD please <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  7. Can't u read?? The article said Lambo has found a way to put the power through the front wheels, without sacrificing handling!!!
  8. LOL
  9. you're right, pretty much every car company is producing it's own tipe of this AWD system, PSM (porsche) BMW (Xdrive) Nissan (PS3) i readed that also the new RS audis will have it, rs5 will be the first.
  10. The new V12 is a VW design apparently
    Jota is such a perfect name
  11. PSM isn't AWD, it's there stability/traction control system.
  12. i want those "rims"
  13. Man i hope the rims don realy look like that man. ther ugly.
  14. this car will destroy the prancing horse.
  15. troll much?
  16. thanks for the link. cant wait for this and the SV.
  17. Again - test mule paraphernalia, not actual car detailing. I think they record data, or at least transmit it.
    Pretty much the only cosmetic detail we can glean from this mule is that it'll have wider wheelarches than the Murcielago.
  18. its possible.
  19. Even wider? How much wider can it get before it is totally useless?
  20. Testarossa ring any bells?
  21. Lamborghini 1
    Ferrari 0
  22. i love it because of it's wideness
  23. The front fender reminds me of the Diablo GT, I love how wide it is. This thing will be awesome.
  24. more than this I hope :D

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