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    Had a chance to stop by and see my buddy who is at LLV and get a peek at the the Lambo world, some love it and some hate it. Either way, in-person this evil looking thing has presence!! There's also startup footage of the Reventon that I captured!

    Hi-Rez pics to come later but enjoy this Video for now.

    REVENTON Vid...including startup!!!
  2. sounds good, but still an overpriced waste of time/money/engineering
  3. awesome.

    This is what supercar design should be about. Making the most evil looking cars money can buy
  4. So good.
  6. +10000
  7. I love when he opened the gas cap. It sounded pneumatic. freaking berserker.
  8. There was pics of this thing still in the 'box' all wraped up and everything on autoblog a few days ago
  9. This is one of those cars that will have young boys today become in love with the machines much like the Countach got me ~18 years ago.
  10. except due to it's numbers, this car will be held in a position of much greater glory in it's old age. It really is a fantastic car. if only they decided to boost the thing or something, I mean why stop at f22 design, carbon wheels, lcd gauges, fricking everything else?
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  12. This is the only one in the world at a dealership eh?
  13. What a turd
  14. very few people hate this car.

    Funny thing is, i think about 95% of them are ferrari fans...
  15. Popped many boners...
  16. Very few car people love this car. Most think its an overpriced body-kitted, soon to be outdated and outperformed by the SV.
  17. This car is #01 of 20 and the first available for private sale. Of course, it had already been presold a long time ago.

    Love or doubt the Reventon is a part of history.

    Where else in the world can you see this picture...Reventon, 2 Bugatti Veyrons and an S7.
  18. Something like that should cost no more than $250,000.
  19. thats not the point of this car. The people that buy this don't care if its outdated or outperformed. If you want something that performs, buy a radical or something. The point of this car is to be ridiculous. You can't outdate ridiculous.

    EDIT: I should also add that price is pretty much a non-issue here. Who cares if its overpriced? its not like you're ever gonna own one anyway. The question is whether or not you think the car itself is awesome or not.
  21. But you can sweep it into the meh category.
  22. Actually there's a lot of talk that the Reventon's power hike has been significantly underrated, there was a reason but I can't remember it now. I doubt it will be any higher than 660bhp, though, otherwise the road tests would have commented on it feeling more rapid.

    Sadly there's no indication that any of the owners will be likely to give it a dyno run.

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