Lamborghini SUV?

Discussion in 'Prototypes, Concepts and Electric' started by Vision K2, Jan 11, 2006.

  1. Porsche made a single mistake with Cayanne, it has 2 doors too much. Had it been a modern interpretation of Offroad 959, it would have been Heaven.
  2. i think it would be smart for lambroghini to make a SuV because there is a definit gap in the super SuV (super car = SuV) if lambroghini maked an other grate SuV like the Lm002 i would not even abput buying any other SuV

    what do u think
  3. i have no idea what you said and i think you should continue with your seventh grade schooling.
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  5. yes, although i didnt bump it (was not first to reply today), and you continued it further also by replying.
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  8. Don't be such a homosexual. I love that concept
  9. Lamborghini has never made an SUV. LM002 was a REAL jeep. I think they're building a SUV just for the competition with Cayenne. Maybe pushing it a bit further but yet, the same formula. Not as rough-and-tough as the LM002. That's just VAG fault...

    And PLEASE ban all these n00bs away! They're ruining!!!
  10. hmmmm, other thatn that the car drives like a dream, i drive my bosses on a regular basis and the interior is fantastic
  11. Porsche's only mistake with the Cayenne was smashing it up with the ugly stick before they unveiled it to the world. As SUVs go it is awesome and it makes them loads of money.

    An offroad interpretation of the 959 would have been a ridiculous direction to take
  12. Jeep makes real Jeeps, no one else does.
  13. hummer?? :p
  14. Don't do what Porsche did!
  15. actually it was a crossover
  16. actually it was a crossover
  17. actually it was a crossover
  18. actually it was a crossover
  19. Shit, stop with the quadruple posting already.

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