Las Vegas shooting

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  1. I read that the guy had 20 (TWENTY) military-style automatic weapons with him.

    Like it was said before, this is a country where two mass shootings happened every month for the past decade, and people are more at risk dof dying from gun violence than any other developed nation.

    But yes, let's keep paddling xenophobia and islamophobia.
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    They are definitely more of a problem than islamic terror attacks perpetrated by foreigners. Maybe the government should be doing something about gun control, and less about restricting the entry of people from muslim countries.
  3. Whatever the reason, this guy gets a 10/10 for execution (pun intended).
  4. How the hell do you get automatic weapons into a hotel anyway? Let alone 20?
  5. people are always wheeling big suit cases up to hotel rooms? the guy lived nearby too, its not like he had to fly

    casinos have billions of cameras, we should be able to track his every move since he arrived thursday
  6. The videos of the seemingly endless volleys of automatic gunfire are quite chilling.
  7. The people in Nice, France would like to disagree.

    Curious as to why you think only one can be dealt with. Are you saying if you have tough border control, you can't have gun control?
    Also, depending how he obtained them, gun control may have been as useful as banning crack.
  8. No, I'm not saying that you cannot tackle both.

    I'm saying that there is disproportional energy being applied to fight the risk of islamic terror, compared to gun violence. Evidence shows that the chances of an american citizen being victim of a terrorist attack is very small. You have more chances of dying of heat stroke or from suffocating on food. The chances of being killed by an illegal immigrant or a muslim refugee are even smaller.

    Deaths from gun shot wound, accidental gunshot and other gun related deaths are waaaaay more likely to happen. And yet zero energy and alarmism is being applied to gun control. The president is rallying people to freak out over the risk of mexicans and muslims entering the country way more than other more pressing matters, like civilians owning 40 assault rifles, explosives and thousands of rounds.

    And illegal selling of weapons goes with the volume of legal sales. Reduce the number of legal weapons, and illegal purchase/sale will also go down. That said, it was reported that the Las Vegas shooter bought at least some of his guns legally. I'd bet that his other guns are legal too. A bunch of other mass shooters had purchased their guns legally.
  9. Back in congress, instead of just saying let's pray for the victims, how about let's do something that would keep automatic weapons out of reach of crazy people and improve security at tourist destinations. And how did the killer manage to take so many weapons into a hotel room without being noticed?
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  10. The key to it really is not about banning guns. It's about controlling who has access to them. You should be able to buy whatever guns you want IF you qualify and meet certain criteria. If you hAve mental illness you probably shouldn't have access to automatic weapons. But depending on what mental illness and the severity of it you could potentially be OK to own a hunting rifle.
  11. many experts in this thread
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    Who says death is the only problem? There are a shit ton of illegals that drive without insurance in Houston. One of them hits you and you have to fit the bill. What? You could only afford liability and are now out of a car and don't have a way to get to work? Do you hate poor people or something? Also, you actually have a good chance of an illegal immigrant committing a crime against you in Houston. Just because your ivory tower is illegal free, doesn't mean other's are.
    Also, you're much more likely to die in a car crash than any other 1st world country! Why is all this energy being spent to ban illegals and guns when we have so many deadly soccer mom's who shouldn't have been allowed to buy that 6,000lbs SUV for their 1 kid and husbands?
    And shit like this is unphased by any gun laws. So it's ridiculous to think they would have stopped this. This wasn't a random act of violence. He could have just as easily filled a super soaker with gasoline, sprayed a bunch of people down, lit a match and have a bunch of human molotov cocktails running around.
  13. ****, I think you are right. All the mass murders that happen in the US, labelled by the President as pure evil, are just that: pure evil. The US has more purified, triple distilled evil than any other developed nation in the world. Guns and gun culture have nothing to do with it, it's just a higher rate of per capita evil than other nations.

    Other countries that regulated guns after massacres (Australia and the UK, both in 1996) and subsequently reduced -- or completely abolished, like Australia -- their mass murder numbers just got lucky. Evil just happened to reduce naturally at the same time when they passed stricter gun laws, no correlation.
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  14. I also like how most (if not all) mass shooters are men, and how gun culture and the fetishization of guns are more of a male-phenomenon than a female one. But then I find refuge in the thought that guns are not causing this, and resume fondling my shotgun.
  15. You can't compare one issue with the other. The government needs to do its job and try to fix all issues, be it illegal immigration, deadly soccer moms or psychopaths with 42 guns.
    Banning guns won't eliminate evil, or death, but it sure as hell will reduce evil's ability to cause death. It will (or should) also come with a change of mindset, in which guns are thought of as bad and dangerous. When people are born into that, they're less likely to collect them and shoot people with them. We have most of the western world to attest to that.

    Being from a terrorism-prone country, I think that what really prevents shit from going down, or an attack from becoming mass murder, is our endless investment in security and the omnipresence of security forces. Most other countries can't do it like Israel does. If we could stop, we'd be rich(er).
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    A gang member does a drive by on a rival and kills 4 members. That falls under mass murder. Edit: depending on who is reporting it. Some don't. To compare that to what happened in Vegas is tween level of naive. No amount of control would have stopped this guy from murdering a large amount of people. Just ask France.
    And, no, gun culture has nothing to do with it. The US has 12 times the guns as Honduras, but 1/22 the gun homicide rate.
    Using your logic, gang members are more likely to listen to rap. Ban rap music because it's turning people into gang members.
  17. I think the real issue here is hotels. WHY are people's bags not checked??
  18. Because I don't want you seeing the rubber dolls and dildos I brought for when I order the hookers!
  19. bet there are metal detectors in vegas hotels coming now
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  20. i fully agree about controlling guns to the mentally ill
    the republicans dont, as theyve moved to remove those restrictions:

    but im wondering if this guy was mentally ill, at least in the eyes of the state. he seems to have not much of a record and people said he was normal. what can we do about undetectable mental illness? I just dont think the american people can tolerate one guy snapping and killing 60 and changing hte lives of 500 more or whatever the number is at now.

    the mag capacity limitations that I used to scoff at dont seem like such a bad idea after seeing what these weapons (unlike trucks, firearms are only weapons) are capable of. A bolt action rifle couldnt have done this. a .22 couldnt have done this, a handgun couldnt have done this
  21. Nonsense. What really caused this was hotels. We need to ban hotels that are so tall and give mad men a vantage point. Hotels should be in the underground.

    Guns have nothing to do with this. Ask France: wait, that wasn't in a hotel. And wait, France doesn't have the same number of mass murders as America.
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    Agreed. Honduras is also one of the poorest countries in the world, in one of the poorest continents in the world, but that doesn't matter. Look at Syria, I heard they literally have a war, and not as many guns as the US. How do the libtards explain that?

    They will try to compare the US murder rates, a rich and developed nation, with murder rates from another rich and developed nation just to make guns look bad. Balls to that.

    It's like, is our children learning? They say american kids are shit, but that's because we compare american kids with kids from europe, from countries that have the same GDP. What about comparing american educational levels against the ones from Thaiti or Uganda? Fucking libtards, I hate them.
  23. details on the weaponry coming out. our european friends might laugh at hearing that paddock bought some of his weapons from Guns and Guitars

    what a country, what freedom

    At least one of them had been modified with a legal “bump stock” style device that allows the shooter to rapidly fire off rounds without actually converting it to a fully automatic weapon, the source said.

    The devices modify the gun’s stock so that the recoil helps accelerate how quickly the shooter can pull the trigger. The devices are legal in the U.S.

    Other weapons may have been converted to fully automatic fire, and were still being examined, the source said.

    Paddock had four Daniel Defense DDM4 rifles, three FN-15s and other rifles made by Sig Sauer.

    Paddock apparently bought the guns legally, passing the required background checks.

    At least six of the guns were purchased at one store, a Cabela’s in Verdi, Nev. A manager at the store declined to comment.

    Several other weapons were purchased at Discount Firearms and Ammo, a few blocks from the strip in Las Vegas, the source said. “It’s an open investigation,” said a store employee, before hanging up.

    Paddock, who lived in Mesquite, Nev., also bought some weapons at a store there, Guns and Guitars, according to a statement given by the store owner to USA Today.

    Authorities said Monday that Paddock had used as many as 10 suitcases to transport the arsenal to his room at the Mandalay Bay and had smashed open the room's windows with a hammer-like device.

    now that im reading that he legally bought and modified the guns, im wondering what the libtards are all up in a roar about?
  24. He needs 40 assault rifles in .308 caliber, modified to rapid fire, in order to defend The Constitution and Our Freedoms, you fool.

    That's what the Founding Fathers wanted, a private army of assholes, stockpiling rifles full of tactical accessories just like the ones from CoD, to defend our basic rights. These fat, middle class and delusional males are our last line of defence against tyranny. God bless them, and God bless places like Guns and Guitars.
  25. I believe I heard that he brought them inside golf bag(s).

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