Last beer you drank

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by IdoL, Aug 12, 2006.

  1. I had a 750cl bottle of 3 Monts (8.5%) before going out last night. The beer I had while out doesn't count, though.

  2. Idol, were you drinking the beer out of your enemies skull?
  3. Tooheys New last night at a restaurant, its far from my favourite but it was the best they had there...
  4. corona, one bottle, last night
  5. 330ml Tooheys Extra Dry ~5%
  6. the new Tooheys Extra Dry Platinum's are pretty good. good taste and about 7% i think.
  7. Cristal

    "La Preferida de Cuba"

    When I was in Holguin Cuba last week for my 2 week vacation
  8. Old Brogue Ale, microbrew at the Old Brogue pub over in Great Falls. good shit. *pint
  9. the only beer I drink
  10. Last 4 beers I drank were Carleton Colds... on special, under $30 a case!

  11. james boag strongarm it's 5.3 or .4%, it came with some small cooler bag that would fit a 6 pack.

    lawl at all the aussies drinking tooheys new and carlton cold (!!!), carlton cold is like 80% froth and 20% weasel piss.
  12. Free Crown Lager at some work thing.
  13. *puke*
  14. Last one was Heineken but i didn't like it
    I prefer Amstel Bier
  15. It's a solid cold filtered beer.

    It gets the job done.

  16. 50cl can of Mariestad
  17. Mikes, last night, 2
  18. Brand, het bier waar limburg trots op is. Appearantly :s
  19. Four Peaks: Oatmeal Stout
  20. Last beer I had was when I was back in France last week, knocked off a 6 pack of 25cl Leffe Blondes.
  21. Molson dry x4.

    then 20 ounces of Appleton rum.
  22. Hockley Dark Ale

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