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  1. flush with the tuft
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  2. fkin lol

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  6. Huh, I used to come here all the time in the early to late 2000s, I found this forum again through a random google search.

    I was ~15 when I started browsing this website, I was on here all day every day for a solid 5-10 years, then I completely stopped around 2009.

    Looking at your names I remember pretty much every single one of you, I don't know if anyone here remembers me it's been so damn long!

    Anyways, sad to see this website die, but I guess it was inevitable.

    I found this thread, probably my best here, where I started a cool wall top-gear style where people could vote on how cool a car was

    Oh and last.
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  7. I remember you, bro. I probably still have you on XBox Live, I think.


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