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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by StingrayZ07, Dec 7, 2004.

  1. I just bought a Samsung LTM1755 17" LCD monitor/tv at a discounted price because it didnt have the power supply. So off i went looking for one. I found one that seemed compatible, (14 volt, for the samsung model i have) so i ordered it, When i received it the plugs dont go together. The DC Input on the monitor is a female plug and so is the end on the power supply plug. Is there an adapter i can get or different power supply or something. I tried radio shack, they didnt know.
  2. If it helps, i tried buying a male/male 2.5mm plug to try and join the power supply wire and monitor, but 2.5mm is too big, and i still don't know if thats exactly what i have to do.
  3. LCD monitor power supplys are usually huge mother bastards. I got my LCD screen at a bit of a (5-finger) discount, so it came with no power supply. But the thing needed a 12v/3.0 amp supply which is bloody huge. I also went to Radio Shack, and they had something similar, but they're like 150 - 200 bucks.

    However, what I found is that the power supplys we use at work for the laptops are the exact same voltage and amperage, and since we have surplus laptop power supplys sitting around in boxes, I liberated a couple of them. Saves me the 200 bucks of having to buy one. I did have to splice on the correct plug for it.

    If you're interested, I'll see if I can get the right power supply that you'll need, if you tell me what voltage and amperage your screen needs. I'll send it to you if you care to cover the shipping. All the power supplys we use have male outputs, so it should fit right into your screens input.
  4. To Wheelman, thanks, does this come with everything ill need to power it? If so, it says "14v 3.5A" on the back.
  5. Yeah, it'll have everything you need. Can you give me an idea of what kind of input plug it needs? Maybe measure the diameter of the input circle thing...
  6. ill see if i can measure it tomorrow, can't find anything right now to measure it with, i can tell you one thing, the input is smaller than a 2.5mm plug.

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