Let's discuss poverty

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  1. Yes, in the long run. Like any technological advancements in history.
  2. what happens in the mid term? the guys who control the robots become trillionaires and the unwashed, formerly employed masses are thrown into crisis until the entire economy is reworked to allow for less labor? Kinda scary

    the people in charge have a vested interested in maintaning the status quo
    Thats what im kinda worried about, although Id still call myself an optimist
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    Skilled labor is just as much a target for automation as unskilled. Doctors, engineers, scientists, and I suspect even artists will all have their jobs largely automated some day. For instance, a robotic system has been designed that (and this was in 2004, mind you) was capable of generating hypothesis on its own based on literature, developing experiments to test those hypothesis, physically carrying out those experiments, and analysing the data to confirm or falsify the original hypothesis, before repeating the cycle. In short, the robot system was capable of performing science, and in 2009 was the first machine to discover novel scientific knowledge. (citations: http://dx.doi.org/10.1038/nature02236 and http://dx.doi.org/10.1126/science.1165620 )

    Automated systems have been developed to compose music, and diagnose patients. Human roles in the future may be limited to setting goals, as opposed to real work. You rightly say this is a huge issue with respect to poverty - The car didn't put the horse out of work because horses are lazy or incompetent, after all - I just wanted to add that it affects much more than labor and low-skill positions.
  4. Automation decreases the man-hours needed for x amount of production. So theoretically it should increase quality of life. Developed societies already have the technological means to support a living standard vastly better than their current ones.

    Depends on the society whether increased productivity will actually benefit the general population or will there exist a ruling elite with the capital to own the automated production and a generally jobless majority who work miscellaneous service jobs here and there.
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  8. My mother is from the Dominican Republic, Hemi. She receives social security, and medicare. Should she be deported?
  9. They were born in Germany, their current residence is in Germany. You'd have to go to the 19th century to find relatives that weren't born within the borders of what then constituted the 1st reich.
  10. Also I thought 2-wheel vehicles were socialist means of transport?


    Rail too
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  14. I don't care where ones come from but I do care if he/she works and isn't abusing the social security system by the taxes paid by other hard working citizens. We are talking about welfare cases, the ghetto trash thugs and unwilling to work people who are just frauding and abusing the system permanently like in France, Sweden and now in the USA, thanks to Obamacare. Not about hardworking and law abiding citizens.If your mother had worked all her life it is normal that she benefits from social security and medicare.
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  19. I think that real rich people, the kind who control entire economies and make tremendous donations to science and medical research and prefer to go about their business with quiet dignity, enjoy having idiots like Trump and other "nouveau-riche" type snots around to attract all the attention.

    Janitors and maids make a good living in Canada, especially if they're unionized. So do bus drivers and garbage men.
  20. I know you well enough to know that you're an Internet Tough Guy.

    Your bark is definitely worse than your bite.
  21. I always found it ironic that people often chastised the poor by telling them to "pull themselves up by their bootstraps", when taken literally it describes something that's physically impossible.
  22. In the United States, there are plenty of ghetto welfare trash that play the system. Non-working ghetto parents on welfare who let other working ghettos claim their children on their income taxes so they can split the return. Selling food stamps to buy shit that isn't necessary. Claiming physical disability to get compensated when they're fine. Yes, there are many ghetto people who are happy living the welfare life. Those people can #$%# off and die.

    The situation you give is an example of what welfare was meant for. To say all welfare people are ghetto trash bags and should die is as ignorant as saying everyone on welfare is a good person who just needs help. This of course creates the problem; how to keep people from gaming the system, yet not penalizing people that need it. I think one answer that would help is making the penalty for welfare fraud extremely severe.

    Then you have the fact there are just too many damn people. Even if every single person wanted a job, there just isn't enough jobs. Starvation is a hell of a motivator, and if we allowed the ghetto trash bags to die off, or euthanize them for their crimes, it would be a little bit better.
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