Lets say you could buy any military plane...

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  1. I don't think you can buy one actually
  2. Su-37 will be nice but I guess I will take F-14 too.
  3. In soviet union Tupolev buy you
  4. LOL B2 Bomber is 2 billion dollars...
  5. The cost of the SR-71's fuel was due partly to a Cesium compound used to disguise the radar signature of the plane's wake. The fuel's still expensive as hell without it, but it would be significantly cheaper.

    As for me, give me a Catalina any day.
  6. i fail to see the problem here..
  7. we've got one of those with a pole stuck up its ass at one of our city parks, Im sure you could steal it if you were creative. lol
  8. Airforce One if possible. I just want to travel comfortably with lots of fun technology.
  9. Catalina Cruz? I don't know. I think she's pretty gross. :s
  10. North American XB-70 Valkyrie for the wot
  11. NO, wrong.

    I'd have a DeHavilland Mosquito instead
  12. Ilyushin IL-2 Sturmovik
  13. Avro Vulcan
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    A family friend flew those in the Pacific in WWII. Raved about them until his dying day, he loved that plane.
  16. thats without tax, gas, parts, mechanical stuff... etc.
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    One of Swedish airforce Catalinas was shout down by the Soviet airforce in 1952.
    The Catalina was searching for an Swedish DC-3 spyplane that went missing a couple of days earlier while spying for the US on the Soviet navy.
    It was later revealed the DC-3 was shout down by two Mig-15.
  18. commie bastards!
  19. They STILL fly them as firebombers around here. One crashed into the Columbia river a couple years ago, was pulled out, fixed up and was back flying smokejumping missions within a month. They're #$%#ing solid planes.
  20. B2 if it comes with a supply of bombs and runway + hangar.
  21. Awesome.

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