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  1. Oh my lord, what a race my friends. Lewis Hamilton omg last corner!
    Never before has this happened in a world championship, and maybe never again.

    Seriously cannot describe how massa must feel now. I can't help but feel for him, he's gotta be hurting after having it and then losing it.

    But at the end of the day, looking back at the season, I think the title is in the hands of the right man.

    And here's one that goes out to all those Ferrari b1tchboys who wished Hamilton so much ill fate throughout this season - SUCKED IN, YOU LITTLE SHITS!<A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/grin.gif"></A>
  2. !!!!!!!

    cue crybaby ferrari fans in 3...2...
  3. No, Hamilton didn't deserve to win. Massa had 2 engines failures and his team #$%#ed up so many times during pit stops.
  4. Yessssssssssss, get in!

    Totally deserved, let's see the FIA cheat their way out of this one!
  5. Lewis deserved it but my only wish is that he wasn't sitting in the mp-24
  6. absolutely epic race, im wondering when my heart rate will slow down
  7. I feel like throwing up.
  8. Cheat???

  9. I think since Hamilton clinched the title Karma has been restored and we can forget some very dodgy decisions by the FIA.

    Respect to Massa though what a humble man in defeat. Shame his country men weren't so respectful as you could here them booing from the grandstands.
  10. He lost to Vettel. Lame.
  11. Yeah I found the booing pretty horrifically bad taste.

    Props to Massa too. He his passion in defeat was huge. He'll be a champ one day, and deserves to be.
  13. Amazing friggin race. Holy Shit

    Where ever you are RabbitL1wtf go punch yourself in the face for even doubting for a second that F1 isnt close or exciting. F1 totally raped GT champs this year.

    Also, I'd rather say that Hamilton got lucky in the end. It was deserved by he was lucky that Glock ran out of traction.
  14. Glock didnt run out of traction , he just passed Hamilton through. i hate him for that !!!
  15. glocks ran out of traction...his pace on the previous lap was way off as well
  16. post you avatar pleeeease...
  17. "his pace on the previous lap was way off as well" so (f)uckin what) ? it (pace) was still good enought to keep lewis behind him.
  18. congbtars to Lewis !
  19. I was hoping that Honda would blow up and kill Hamilton after the race, but alas it was not to be.

    3 twats as WDC in four years, wonderful.
  20. I think Glock broke down in the last part... he didn't have any pace at all when they passed him, even though it was on dry track.
  21. I think McLaren threatened Toyota and thats why he slowed.

    But hell, maybe I just don't like Hamilton at all.
  22. I love how the honda finished the race, then caught fire.

    But well done to Hamilton.
  23. Haha anyone who thinks Glock slowed on purpose is kidding themselves. It's hardly surprising someone on slicks losing 15 seconds a lap on a soaked track.
  24. It wasn't dry - had it been he would have been running circles round the guys on inters.

  25. *Voteban*

    On topic though, two extremely worthy championship contenders this year. I think Massa has been better, but the team let him down - if it was all about the driver, F1 would be a completely different kettle of fish.
    Similarly, McLaren were the better team this year but were let down by their second driver; Kovalainen just hasn't been remotely competitive for most of the year. Put Kubica in that seat and I think we wouldn't have seen a Ferrari WCC.

    So Massa had a brilliant season, and if nothing else this year has been a career saver for him at Ferrari. There will be many more championship opportunities for him as long as he sticks with the team. But McLaren had a championship coming to them, and despite his occasional mistakes, Hamilton has the hype for a reason - he's one of the fastest drivers out there. If you find yourself doubting his ability, just remember that last year he went toe-to-toe with a two-time F1 champion, in the same car, as the underdog (the same guy who just won two races in an uncompetitive Renault). Like him or not, he deserves your respect, and he deserves the championship - there's no doubt he was the best driver/team combination this year.

    Mind you, I'd love to know what the hell happened to his pace at Interlagos.

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