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    Lexus will be taking on two of its most coveted rivals, Mercedes’ C63, Audi RS4 and the BMW M3, with its all new IS-F performance sedan. This latest video shows the car going through some high-speed antics down at the Laguna Seca speedway, and, by the looks of things, IS-F owners will have nothing to worry about up against the more established German muscle cars.

    Heres the video:

    We finally have images of Lexus’s high-performance IS-F sedan. Set to go head-to-head with BMW’s M3 and Audi’s RS4, the new Lexus will run a potent 5.0L V8 engine developing in excess of 400hp and 350 lb-ft of torque. The car also gets huge 19inch BBS alloys with six-pot aluminum Brembo calipers clamping 14.2inch cross-drilled discs.

    The drivetrain shares the eight-speed transmission from the LS sedan but comes with wheel-mounted paddle shifters that Lexus claims can change gears in a tenth of a second. Suspension upgrades sees the car ride almost an inch lower than the regular IS, while aluminum trim, a quad exhaust outlet and racing bucket-style seats allude to the car’s true potential.

    Unlike its German rivals that tend to maintain subtle visual elements, Lexus have gone out and developed a garish aero package with huge side vents that detract from the classy look of the regular sedan. The kit resembles the cheap aftermarket bodykits so often seen on low priced imports.

    The “F” designation in the car’s title denotes Lexus’ new performance arm, similar to BMW’s M division or Mercedes’ AMG team. Its designers claim that the new IS-F is capable of completing the 0-60mph dash in less than 4.9 seconds but that the goal in creating the car was not to build a vehicle that’s a competitor to other performance-sport sedans.
  2. I have to admit. This car kicks some serious ass. This over M3 Sedan.

  3. Actually, now that I think about it. Its a toss up between this and the M3 Sedan (although not out yet).
  4. C63+RS4+M3=/=2
  5. I agree with tubs' order.
  7. But this can do drif0t.
  8. "Cheap aftermarket parts?" That looks bloody well streamlined to me, does not look like plastic bolt-ons. That guy needs better eyesight.
  9. that side shot looks akward. would like to see how it fares against the big 3
  11. It looks kind of silly from the side. The fender flair thing looks like the kind of kit a Honda owner would buy and half-ass install
  12. That engine sounds nice. What kind of transmission did they end up putting in these?
  13. It'll be interesting to see how it stacks up. I love how they're covering their ass by saying it's not meant to compete with the cars it OBVIOUSLY is meant to compete with. That's clearly there to save face in case it bombs.
  14. I seriously hope it puts all the German's to shame.
  15. It won't.

  16. Bangle wannabe, still pretty sweet though.
  17. And THIS is why.

    <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/grin.gif"></A>
  18. But better.
  19. Nigger please.
  20. MUCH better.
  21. Should still be the 8-speed auto.
  22. It's not meant to compete with cars that are designed to be performance first. Lexus will always be luxury and quality first, and that's how it should be. Otherwise it's just an imitator, not the leader like it is.

    That said, given the weight figures that JP mags are batting around, the IS-F should beat the M3 in straight-line performance. (I'm sorry, I can STILL almost not say that with a straight face... it seems outrageous.)

    Even as a very interested and prospective IS-F owner, to believe it will best the M3 or RS4 in cornering would be silly. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A> We'll have to see how bloated the C63 is to compare in cornering performance, although the IS-F will certainly be leaps above the C-class in any measure of luxury.
  23. I dunno dude. If building reliable, luxurious, non dynamic cars is going to lead to big sales Jaguar should be doing GREAT. That market simply doesn't exist anymore though. Not for TOP tier models. If that's al they're going for then there's no reason for this super powerful engine.

    I think they're TRYING to compete with the M3/RS4/C63 but covering their ass in case it can't hang. It's the perfect cover. If it is vastly shittier they say "Well we weren't trying to make it handle great anyway... Look at how reliable and comfy it is!" if it's about on par they say "Gee whiz and to think we weren't even trying." if it's better they say "IN YOUR FCKING FACE GERMANY!1!!11!!!1!"

    See what I mean? They've GOT to be trying to get the dynamics down so they can compete in that very large part of the luxury market. However they're smart in not announcing to the world they intend to try to romp the M3 because in the event of failure they'd look bad. With this tact they won't.

    I'd say all of that is pretty obvious and logical.
  24. That's a pretty big load of speculative bullshit, and this thread now smells really terrible.

    Although you could be right.

    As I said, I really hope it kills the Germans, for the main reason that it is the underdog, I always go for the undergod. And also for the fact that they ARE keeping their mouths shut about it, instead of saying 1000millionhp SUPERTURBOCHARGER OMG KILLZ BMW/MERC/AUDI!$!$!$!%!#$

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