lexus SC430 vs Honda S2000

Discussion in '2001 Lexus SC430' started by love of cars, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. i got dibbs on the S2000
    way lighter
    quicker to 60
    the S2000 even has better gas milage!

    but this car has the horses and the torque to give the S2000 a run for its money. besides, the s2000 is only 1.1 mph slower.

    6 speed manual
    250 hp
    153 (??? ehy so little???) ft lbs torque

    5 speed AUTO (what???)
    300 hp
    325 ft lbs torque

    what is your opinion?
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  2. Re: lexus SC430 vs Honda S2000

    S2000 is a sports car all the way. Lexus SC430 is luxury coupe!!

    If we are talking about performance S2000 is the choice. It is faster, fells more sporty and even interior is like that.
    But if we are talking about elegance, luxury, comfort and prestige SC430 is the winner. Leather and wood in SC are unbelieveble, I have never seen such a good quality leather and wood in any Merc or BMW and equipment is first class. SC430 screams luxury all over!!

    Two totally different cars but here is the bottom line.

    If I want to smoke out some Boxters and Carreras I would take S2000 and chicks dig it very well.
    If I am going to nice dinner in some fancy restaurant I would take SC430 with me
  3. Re: lexus SC430 vs Honda S2000

    My friends parents have both of these cars. I love the GPS system in the lexus but love the 0-60 speed in the Honda.there both pretty awesome cars. But the lexus is the fastest and still luxurious so therefore thats my pick.
  4. Re: lexus SC430 vs Honda S2000

    you are comparing cars of totally different classes. first of all the s2000 is a sports coupe the sc430 is a luxary sedan(should be coupe) if i had to choose i'd pick the s2000 because of the price tag
  5. Re: lexus SC430 vs Honda S2000

    SC430 is my choice

    boooo honda
  6. Re: lexus SC430 vs Honda S2000

    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from lamborghini rulz 69</i>
    <b>SC430 is my choice

    boooo honda</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->HELL YEAH!
  7. Re: lexus SC430 vs Honda S2000

    SC430 is my pic
    of course in a race (Roadster vs Luxery Coupe?????)
    of course the S2000 will win, its a little tiny car w/ a lot of power. Atleast the SC430 can keep up w/ the S2000, and you will be very cumfy in the SC430 when racing :D :D
  8. Re: lexus SC430 vs Honda S2000

    S2000 all the way!!!!!
  9. Re: lexus SC430 vs Honda S2000

    Right now the s2000 is the winner but lexus could have really made this car come alive. Imagine a sport version of this. 6-speed and a stronger version of this engine (300 hp out of a 4.2L? come on guys). If this car had a HP/L of more like 80 then this could be a real contender. As it is its just another overpriced underpreforming luxury car.
  10. Re: lexus SC430 vs Honda S2000

    The only reason the s2000 doesn't make any torque is because it revs so high. 153 lbft of torque at say 4000 rpm will accellerate just as fast as 306lbft of torque at 2000 rpm because torque (which is measured by the avg force of the pistons over their stroke for one rev of the engine [work = lbft also]) is a ONE REV measurment. Now add the number of revs per second and you can figure out how much power it will make. So I don't think the 153lbft of torque hurts it in any way.

    You have to look at the dyno graph to figure out if it has poor low end, for example a 502 big block with low compression ratio has the typical 50 or so more torque then hp as the typical big v8, except if you took a look at the graph you'd see that it's torque hits 450+lbft almost at the start and stays above that almost the whole way down the graph giving a nice uniform increase in power throughout. Take a look at a turbo car like a big single supra and notice that often the torque and hp graphs almost follow each other on the same line at first. That indicates very very very poor low end power and good top end as hp increases exponentially down the rpm graph, even though these cars sometimes have more max torque then hp.
  11. Re: lexus SC430 vs Honda S2000

    i would go with the lexus all the way. the cars both look great. but name wise, the honda is not worth 30,000. while the lexus is known for a little bit on the high side. also it has a V8 ,(larger than the S2000's engine.) overall though i would go with the LExus for obvious reasons. both are great none the less.
  12. Re: lexus SC430 vs Honda S2000

    ok you guys, in case you haven't noticed yet... the honda s2000 and lexus sc430 are sister cars. ok. its kinda like the honda passport and the izuzu rodeo...same car, different manufacturer. they perform exactly the same! they both weigh 2170 lbs and the use the same 427ci supercharged engine. both cars have permanent all wheel drive too. i should know. i work for both companies. therefore they have exactly the same 0-60 times and the same 1/4 mile times.
  13. Re: lexus SC430 vs Honda S2000

    i'll take the lexus
  14. Re: lexus SC430 vs Honda S2000

    S2000!!! This is not bad but it just doesn't have what the S2000 does!!
  15. Re: lexus SC430 vs Honda S2000

    I think the biggest reason why the S2000 has bad torque is because it is a 2 litre. The lexus is 4.3. In ANY normal case, a bigger engine will produce more torque, unless forced induction is involced of coruse.

    The Honda's Torque per-litre is actually quite decent, but it's torque overall isn't, simply because the lexus engien is double the size. You can basically expect it to have double the torque, which i think it pretty much has.
  16. Re: lexus SC430 vs Honda S2000

    My Dad has the Lexus SC430, and The only thing that I feel is wrong with it is the lack of the manual shift. I love the class, and how the drop top is metal instead of cloth. But, if I was gonna pick one to win the race I got my money on the S2000.

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