lindsay lohan lol pt 2

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    haha what a stupid #%!@. had i been the guy whos car she took while riding shotgun, im pretty sure i would have eventually just started punching her in the face until she stopped. I mean seriously in that same situation with anyone else driving you definitely wouldnt get in trouble, and i doubt youd get in trouble if it was lindsay lohan either.
  2. the downfall of celebrities is the only saving grace of constant celebrity coverage. I care because its hilarious.
  3. It's not funny at all. Concentrate your efforts on something not meaningless.
  4. Her mommy is pissed because Leno made fun of Lilo.
  5. Tahoe? Denali? Escalade?

    How many people in America drive actual cars?
  6. cars? what are cars?
  7. United Colors of Benetton

    edit: no
  8. I don't pay attention to what happens with these amerikan pseudo-celebrities, but wow, those guys got kidnapped by Lindsay Lohan. LMAO.

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