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Discussion in '2001 Nissan GT-R Concept' started by Nissan GTR, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. It wasn't any japenese designer it was my dad.

    This ain't a joke

    I agree with one persons changes for the front end,and i will show him okay.

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    Oh really. umm prove it, please... Whats his name, etc..
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    he could say any name, we wouldnt know the difference
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    This is bullshit man. It is a Japanese who designed this car, I read that on the Evo magazine.
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    i cant stand u people that post these stupid claims, shame on u, shame shame shame
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    Sure and my dad is the president of Nissan but im too good of a person to proove it
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    Oh, well you have to believe me, fine if you don't, your fools, but confidentiality stops me from saying all the secrets of the car.

    alexr33gtr is good cos he is willing to trust while hypocrytical people like SkylineFreak, wouldnt know the truth if it was sitting infront of him/her.

    Believe what you want.....
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    uh... do we even really care? this was a pointless thread.
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    what kind of engine hp? tourqe? etc.
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    i dont know whats worse, the fact that you're so obviously lying or the fact that you think anyone cares
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    Yeah right. And my dad is Bill Gates, he is more rich than your dad, and he bought me every car on so HA HA HA HA!!

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