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Discussion in 'Classic Cars' started by RockaForte, Feb 2, 2010.

  1. Engine is coming up great, I'll be driving her tomorrow
  2. looooove your mini. I pretend my old civic/crx is a mk1 mini ;_;
  3. smooth as can be, after a brief warm up it is a silent as a modern car at idle, it got some great response and is very progressive, the clutch feels completly modern day and the gear selector is as tight my old Punto used to be.
    Well worth the while, I can't wait to complete the break in period
  4. Caro Rocka, não me leves a mal se não estiver de acordo. É claro que o carro assim vai puxar melhor e não sei quê mas para mim restauro é exactamente devolvê-lo ao estado original. De qualquer das formas, é um carro espantoso, fico cheio de inveja. O meu sonho é outro, arrefecido a ar (sim, eu sei, mais dores de cabeça... e de bolsos!)

    God, dunno how I missed this thread.
  5. I can't form a retort or agreeance with this post as I have no clue what it means.
  6. Google Translate would help...

    I just said I can't agree either with the modding of classic cars. If you're performin a restoration, then that's what it should be, a restoration to it's originality or, at least, to it's original specs.
  7. ah. I'm not so much against te modding of classic cars as long as their modded like they would have been in that time period.

    I'm also lazy and I forget google translate exists when these situations pop up.
  8. Joao it isn't just a classic, its as rare as say ... 1 of 6 million.
    Grant you that many have been extremely modified, and modernised. Many of them are on that path as we discuss, it is down hoever IMO on what type of car it is, its purpose and the modifications that are made.
    Take my car as an example, rather than chaging the engine, i am going via the alteration ruote, nothing at this stage is irreversible, and the original block is preserved.
    The exterior will be subject to virtually no alterations other than an "Aston" fuel cap, some higher grade wheel arches (same spec), I'll install a new front grill with built in fog lights. Bare in mind that all of these are easily reversible.
    The interior will be completly reworked and custom built in the manner of some of my favourite interiors of the 60', picking up some features of some of my favourite GT's interiores. Everything will be made/reworked from scratch, from the upper rail, to the dash, lower rail and center console wich will be made from a single piece with an arms rest. I'll put in some vintage looking seats and drape it all in deep dark red leather, (ox blood iirc), steering wheel will be a leather lined Moto-Lita. Again its reversible, but at the end of the day the interior as it is now is really far from stock.

    In the end I'll end up with a unique car, based on improved mechanics of a simple compact car, I won't try to "cooper" it other than the brakes department.
    I will be just my car.
    How far am I going with this ? How far my bankroll lets me

    EDIT: Also I'm keeping the 10 inch wheels, maybe even going steel wheeled in the future
  9. modding classic cars is awesome actually.
  10. I'm glad you are keeping the original wheel size.
  11. yes and no, modding a "common" car is awesome, butchering a 250PF to make another GTO replica, or butchering a perfectly good Bentley into a Blue Train is not IMO
  12. i agree with rocka.

    i love modding classics with contemporary stuff but i'm really into the idea of modding less special old cars with the latest stuff the manufacturer is making. if there comes a time when i can justify buying a car i wont be able to take on a classic in addition to a daily driver.
  13. I am currently in the process of defining precisely what/how I want my dash, and a very dear friend and master carpenter volunteered to do the dash/center console and possibly an armrest. I'm in good hands as he has in the past worked for EXTREMELY important and prestigious people such as Pritzker prize winner Alvaro Siza Vieira and designer extraordinaire Philippe Starck.

    I'm thinking on going for a radford-esque dash with some additions, for reference :
  14. yeah that's true.
  15. same car or different one?
  16. @RockaForte I'm pretty jealous of what you're doing. So cool. Have you decided on wheels yet?
  17. Same money pit
  18. I sticked with the Astrali 10's I already had, I returned them to original spec, well almost, I also painted the wheel lip
  19. welcome to the full on world of collector cars. now all you need is another one and you're set for a lifetime of misery and occasionally fun moments.
  20. Nice. 10's are underrated.
  21. The car is awesome man! This is great.
  22. Loved the pics and the car color...impressed with the great choice...
  24. Great clicks with great color combo..impressed with the great choice.....

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