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  1. Some new pics, front end came off, yet more rust found...
  2. Well done my friend <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  3. this is getting infuriatingly long, and yet I have yet decided whether should I dynamat the interior or not. As it stands its going to be painted California Sage Green
  4. dynamat is usually a good idea if you're going to spend long distances in the car
  5. Firstly this will be my daily driver, every km that I do in the Dacia Duster I feel closer and closer to Hara-Kiri. Also I've heard that it works really well in minimizing heat, obviously with a glasshouse that big and a warm climate I need every help I can get.
    Having a good sound deadening is just a plus
  6. it does. for a daily driver the dynamat is a really really good idea
  7. Also I bought a set of Recaro seats similar to these ones that will be re-upholstered.

    EDIT: about the Dynamat, should I also insulate the inner roof? Or would it suffice to do just the firewall, doors, rear quarters, boot ?
  8. the roof isn't neccisary to do. all the lower bits of the car are.
  9. Random little tidbit. Emergency blankets (or some sort of reflectix insulation) work great stuffed inside the headliner. They are cheap, and reflect the heat out of the cab and keep it cool inside. So the car won't be an oven when left outside, and you'll just have to run a bit of ac to keep cool.

  10. as true as your statement might be, you cracked me up with the " run a bit of ac" part
  11. I figured you would have nothing but heat in your unit. It was a general statement from others who did this install. Regardless of AC or not all you would have to do is crank down your windows a bit to let air circulate when parked for short periods of time in hot weather. It should stay "comfortable" inside the car.
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    the Twin Towers folded was the very extreme temperature of burning jet fuel caused the steel structures to warp and part soften. Anybody that is aware of something regarding each fireplace and metal ought to acknowledge this can be an entire misconception and utter lunacy. Steel may be a conductor of warmth, it is not one thing that simply absorbs it and melts down..
    ]] 2013 MERCEDES BENZ SL-CLASS [/url]
  13. Update time
  14. Looks like a lot of work
  15. Yes, the pieces of bodywork they keep finding around the rust is slowing the project quite considerably...
  16. Well the project has ended for the time being. Quick recap:
    -Dynamat interior
    -Recaro seats
    - 1l A+ Series engine
    - Astralis wheels
    - Grp 2 Wheel arches
    - mk1 Front end
    - mk2 tailights
    - Dulles Dash

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  17. Whoa, it's rockaforte! That looks super sweet btw.
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  18. very nice. I like the interior colour choice
  19. Thanks, I also fitted the front seats with a pocket for toll tickets :)

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  20. Man, I want your car so much. Nice work!
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  21. Very cool, Rocka. I especially like the red interior and the wheel
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