LOL @ Burger King ad

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  2. Hah, "the American cheese was retouched to look whiter". It looks like mayo to me, actually. Also, I like how they only got one side of the story.
  3. I don't see anything wrong with that ad..some people like to blow everything out of proportion anymore these days. I think the ad is kinda funny.
  4. Obviously there is something very wrong with BK's marketing division, a seven inch long sandwich that contains your daily allowance of calories in a single serving and its NOT coming to AMERICA?!

    Only in Singapore.
  5. BK adverts are all it has going for it.
  6. I've never had Burger King. Is it just like McDonalds?
  7. no, worst. depending on the day the fries are good.
  8. Also we don't have Burger King here.
  9. Not missing much.
  10. Singapore? the chicks a dude
  11. it's called hungry jacks you mother#$%#eR
  12. "a limited time promotion in Singapore, a society known around the world for its strict government controls of social conduct"

    Good old Fox News being fair and balanced again.
    Singapore is pretty much the opposite of "strict government controls." Of course Joshua Rhett Miller would know this, he's been to Singapore several times, right?
  13. burger king is way better than mcdonalds, what are you guys smoking? mcdonalds big mac beef is cardboard mush with meat flavouring.
  14. BK's Whopper kills McD's big mac, easily.
  15. it is the best hangover killer on the planet
  16. Well now that McDonalds has their Angus burgers I'm not sure BK is better. I prefer Carl's Jr, or In n Out over both though...
  17. Both are meh.

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