LOL! @ Pushrod Activated OHV, 2 Valves per Cyl

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  1. They still build cars with this stone age technology?

    Imagen how much power you could get out of it win 4 valves per cyl and twin overhead cams.
  2. Imagine how much heavier and more expensive it'd be.
  3. Not much heavier or much more expensive.
  4. notthisshitagain.jpg
  5. Not only heavier and more expensive, but the block would be much taller as well. For all my love of DOHC engines, you can't deny pushrods have their benefits.
  7. way to fit right in here in the indies
  8. Didn't OHV come after OHC? Didn't OHV defeat pretty much every OHC engine in the GT1 class in the ALMS, and is doing very well in the LeMans? Don't top fuel cars run OHV motors that are pushing 8,000HP?
  9. With 20 additional valves? :D
  10. Well, Pushrods and two valves per cylindre still is an old technology that most sportcar manufacturers stopped using decades ago.
  11. Example:
    Porsche M80 engine (V10)(used in the 2005 Carrera GT)
    Capacity : 5.7litres
    Power : 605bhp @ 8,000rpm
    Torque : 435lbf·ft @ 5,750rpm
    Weight : 472lb

    Dodge SRT-10 engine (V10)(used in the 2006 Dodge Viper)
    pushrod OHV
    Capacity : 8.3litres
    Power : 510bhp @ 5,600rpm
    Torque : 535lbf·ft @ 4,600rpm
    Weight : 650lb
  12. Yes, and those guys aren't going any faster.

    And where did you get that weight from? The Viper's V-10 is more like 550lbs. Even the later GTS engines weighed 614-636 lbs according to Dodge.

    Here's another comparison, and remember Turbo's add weight

    2007 Saleen S7 Twin Turbo Engine

    Engine type Turbocharged 90° V-8, alum block/heads
    Valvetrain OHV, 2 valves/cyl
    Displacement 426.6 cu in / 6991 cc
    Compression ratio 11.0:1
    Power (SAE net) 750 hp @ 6300 rpm
    Torque (SAE net) 700 lb-ft @ 4800 rpm
    Redline 6500 rpm
    Weight: 440 lbs
    Source Motortrend
  13. Love the way you avoid answering the question about which came first. lol. If OHV is stoneage, then does that make DOHC "PRECAMBRIAN"? that really shows your ignorance. You would be better off saying that OHV is not your preference, than trying to insult its age, while backing something even older.

    Just because alot of manufactures prefer one type of engine over another, doesn't make the other choice wrong. Same argument can be had with supercharger Vs turbocharger.

    The Viper engine works well, is relatively cheap to maintain, is very reliable, and is easily tuned for insane power outputs.
  14. Isn't the viper v-10 like a 10 year old truck engine though? Might be better to compare to a more recently engineered one.
  15. Pushrods and two valves per cylindre is stonage.
  16. That's true it is, But it's still in use in new cars.
  17. Again, apparently its not a bad thing since they owned the T1 class in LeMans, and are in the fastest drag racers.
  18. I don't think it really matters, as long as it gets the job done. And it should, afterall it's kinda like the concept behind the Tommy Kiara ZZII.....though not AWD.
  19. True but if you have tons of power from that insane V10 Engine use the engineering on suspension , transmission, or aerodynamic.
    You will have the best car on earth , just by mixing the most powerfull engine (American OHV) and the best Engineering in suspension,tranny and that sh¡t in this case from Lotus , which is pretty good. So shut the &%$& up about saying that OHV is stonage , if american cars can't beat the euro ones is just because that American makers have not been working in Suspension and Transmission Tech ... and It looks like they just started with this Concept....
  20. The fact is that both pushrods AND overhead cams have their advantages, whether it's expense and packaging or efficiency etc. There's no right or wrong just personal preference. Me personally I'd go the overhead cams....
  21. Pushrods is stoneage and I'm suprised that they don't get more out of those huge engines seeing other car makers get the same or even more HP out of smaller engines, But one thing is for sure and that is that they sure put out an awesome amount of torque.

    I never said anything about American cars not being able to beat European cars.
  22. Mercedes is stoneage, I guess they are junk too.
  23. Engines using pushrods and two valves per cylinder are stone age no matter in what car the sit and I never said that any car was junk.

    Why is it that some people always take other peoples opinions as a personal insult?
  24. Errr... because they are from the U S and A and they take these matters very personally because they have such a huge national pride in their car industry. To me it's ok if you want to stick to 50's engine technology but there's no denying pushrods are obsolete.
  25. Actually, I was just pointing out someones idiotic comment.

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