Looks awesome.

Discussion in '2005 Saleen Mustang S281 SC' started by z28vette, Dec 7, 2004.

  1. But the front... that damn front is starting to bore me, it has to become less dull or it will fail miserably at least from my perspective.

    The retro look should stay, but that fromt grille and lights need to be a little bigger.
  2. personally, i think it looks really awful...
  3. yer i agree that they need to improve the grill n lights but not dramatically change it
  5. I think it just looks awesome, no real complains here. Some kind of monster it is.
  6. I love it!!
  7. Yes, I agree that the front could use a bit more thought, but the rest of the car looks just as badass as the Ford product, if not more so. The performance, in typical Mustang fashion, should be enough to heinously slaughter anything else in its class. Although I was initially cold to the radical new Mustang after the release of the concept car a few years back, I'm surprised at how much I like it now that it's out. I sat in one at a show a few weeks back, and there is something to be said about that new interior, although the show car's blood red Italian leather package with a charcoal-colored dash and aluminum-accented gauges and vents made me a bit biased.
  8. I'd say dump the flashy 20's, but I really like the rest.

    A nice set of 18" wheels would not only make it ride and handle a better, but it would keep the gearing down and make it quicker as well.
  9. That's what I tried to say <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  10. Eh. It's still a 'stang.
  11. get a little lip action on the rear wheels, itll be pretty gnarly
  12. This car looks and performs great. Personally I like the front end, I noticed there is no chrome on this car. Maybe some pro street influence? The improvements on the supercharger are also impressive.
  13. i dont know how anyone can say it looks awful or ugly
  14. I think it looks abso#$%#inlutely gorgeous, except it should be a little lower to the ground (the ground clearance in the back looks too tall) but besides that it looks incredible.
  15. I love the look... but I just can't get over the weight issue...
  16. Yeah that's true even with piles of horsepower, the handling will suffer from the huge weight. after all, lighweight components are more expensive and this car would cost much more.

    thats why my plan is to get a 95-98 Fiat Cinquencento Sporting (what a dope car!!); yeah it might only have 54 hp stock but that can easily go up to 110-120 with a turbo (too bad I dont like forced induction), and the car only ways 750KG!!! thats like 1600 lbs (it'll go down even more as I remove the back seat and spare wheel) With a Brembo upgrade and some KONIsport shocks and springs it'll handle like a beast, while still accellerating pretty decently, all for under 10 grand.

    only thing, I hit even just a cat and I'm dead, while the damn feline might survive
  17. I completely agree with you on this one. This is a perfect retro look for this vehicle. Maybe Pontiac can take a hint with the GTO.
  18. I'm not for sure if I like the rear wing or not. The rest of the car looks awsome! But something has to be done with that rear wing.
  19. I think its trying to target the mid-age audience. The look does really remind of the 60s and 70s mustang.
  20. So you're aiming for the Novitec treatment as well <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  21. It looks sh*t hot!
  22. You are more efficient with words than me.

    And yes, it's a fúcking beast, M00squad.
  23. I dont know if I could actually afford their full treatment, but if I was to get a turbo (which I hope) yeah I would probably go for a novitec unit. by the way, do you know how much they cost? ;-)
  24. Saleen should have changed the look of the front end more just to give it a faster appeal to it, but for the most part it looks awsome. This is the best looking mustang since 1969.

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