1. But it does. No joke.
  2. Actually, it looks like a toy. Or maybe a model, but a bad one. It just lacks detail in the last profile shot. It's eerie.
  3. americans ; they love big things. and fat things too, i guess :p
  4. It doesn't just look fat. At over two tons, it is fat! Whatever happened to lightweight performance???
  5. Well, godhainder, seeing that it is based off an old car that was NOT about lightweight performance, I don't see why they'd aim for that in this concept. It looks fat, sounds fat (the name "Super Stock" is to blame for that), and IS fat. However, that engine does sound very tempting to put into other cars, I should think.
  6. around 3400 LBS and under is original challys.. it weights more than those. I should hope you know that super stock is a drag racing class, funny you would #%[email protected] about it being in the name, because apparently it is to much for your mind to comprehend all at once.

    Chally was a PONY CAR. Which was an alternative small blocked lighter weight car to the big blocked muscle (excluding 426 and 440 editions of course)
  7. it looks fat because of the tires and hood scoop
  8. Word
  9. Aww man quit raggin it! that thing is cool, it looks like all the sox and martin cars from back in the day.
  10. Wow, what is with idiots always getting all gay and fussy when anyone says an opinion. If drag racing was all it was for, well than that just knocked its pointlessness down even more. But let me guess, drag racing is the pride of everything on racing for idiots like you. Fine, fine, I won't say much more to someone with a closed mind like yours.
  11. Your mom looks fat and I still hit it.

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