looks like 599

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  1. 599 grill, but Vette body!
  2. I just noticed the wing on the rear window. Now if thats not DIRECT from a 599, i dont know what is. This is terrible. Stupid yanks trying to be Italian.
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  4. #$%#ing sweet
  5. You're an idiot. Innotech isn't an American company, so I don't see how this is "stupid yanks trying to be Italian." If you're referring to the fact that the Corvette looks like a 599 in general, then you're still an idiot. The C6 was launched in 2005, the 599 in 2006 as an '07 model. As this picture shows, adding a new grille and some aero mods can make a Corvette look just like a 599. i.e. a 599 is the same basic shape AS A VETTE, with some extra crap thrown on there. You tell me who got inspiration from who on this one.
  6. Wait, your not ACTUALLY defending this car are you? Sick.
  7. ugh

    i hate indie n00bs

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