LOST Season V

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  1. Lost Season 4

    Season 4 questions and discussion might as well be in a new thread. The other shit is oldschool.

    but I did put one final post in tehre.
  2. Lost Season 4

    any episode focusing on kate and jack/sawyer sucks ass
  3. Lost Season 4

    There haven't been any episodes about Sawyer yet.
  4. Lost Season 4

    but hes still in them and involved w/kate. like at the others camp in bed
  5. Lost Season 4

    BSG is pretty sick.
  6. Lost Season 4

    I just started watching it haha
  7. Lost Season 4

    I'm on episode 9, it's getting good.
  8. Lost Season 4

  9. Lost Season 4

    I did NOT expect that to be Locke. That was like, the last person I expected.

    In other words, Locke is about to become by far, the coolest character. Again
  10. Lost Season 4

    When you get to season 3 in BSG, they smoke pot in one of the episodes. Ridiculous.
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  12. Lost Season 4

    finish bsg yet?
  13. Lost Season 4

  14. Lost Season 4

    You watch fringe? I hate that black guy from lost/the wire. I feel like he might be a demon IRL.
  15. Lost Season 4

    So far I am really into Fringe. Some of the dialogues are crappy, but the overall developing story and plot are gearing up to make a fantastic show. I mean, it's only 2 episodes deep. They've got a long ways left most likely.
  16. Lost Season 4

    It is disturbing in a really good way.

    Other sweet shows I started watching/love:

    Breaking Bad (only 1 season so far)
    Californication (second season starting soon)
    True Blood (3 episodes into the first season and it's pretty cool)
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  18. Lost Season 4

    gonna buy it on bluray
  19. Lost Season 4


    So close now.

    Fringe really hasn't got me, I'll stick with it though.
  20. Lost Season 4

    do stick with it. Fringe is really great. I plan on at least going all the way to the season finale.

    and now I am closing this thread.
  21. LOST Season VII

    Let's talk about this. I had to make the thread at least, but I do not have time to talk about it at this moment.

    Carry on.
  22. LOST Season VII

    Season WHAT!?

    AHhAhAH I'm going insane, that was awesome. I'ma have to watch it a few more times.
  23. LOST Season VII

    Lol, I was definitely just playing Final Fantasy VII.

  24. So did Faraday travel back in time to when the orchard station was being built? Obviously Simmo. So they work out how to control it? He has met Desmond like thrice now? WHY IS DES DIFFERENT/SPECIAL?!

    FUcking lost.
  25. Well, Des has that ability to travel back in his own timeline and more or less 'adjust' his past slightly. He's pretty much the chosen on, and my favorite character.

    At least, that's my take at this time.

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