LOST Season V

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    I got goosebumps when Desmond called his kid Charlie. Does that make me a FaG!?

    I laughed at Locke's reaction to meeting Widmore. Good shit.

    I thought Faraday's mother could've been http://lostpedia.wikia.com/wiki/Eloise_Hawking but a theory on that page says Eloise = Ellie, which sense would make.
  2. LOL @ Locke-Juliet Re. Alpert



  3. And Ellie is HAWT
  4. This was very interesting.
  5. it's fvcking nuts man.
  6. So, remember the voices they used to hear when they were out in the woods? Yeah, sometimes it was the others, but I am pretty sure that lots of them were time travelers.
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  8. Oh shit ya prolly.
  9. Nah it was just the others.
  10. I am pretty sure all the voices you used to hear in the forest, are the the Losties from a different time. Like when Sawyer saw Claire and Kate in the forest birthing Aaron. Wouldn't that be rad?
  11. Sop far my theories are correct.
  12. Who we now know as Eloise Hawking
  13. Tomorrow is the big night. Its supposed to be as much of a cliff hanger as the end of the first season.
  14. I knew that like 14 years ago.
  15. Lostis over.

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