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    There is a new Dharma station.

    Station 6: The Orchid


    watch the video. I have been doing research on the Casimir effect since this past spring when I began researching Mittelos Bioscience, the company that recruited Juliet, had her ex-husband killed, and brought her to the island. They are based out of Portland, OR. There was a brief time where you could hack into Juliet's computer (lost experience stuff) and see her emails. There was a home screen that showed 3 islands. That island had something listed called Casimir studies, as well as security and supplies.

    We know that the Losties are on the big island, the Others are the second island, and there has been no mention of this third island in the show yet.

    My speculations: Security / Casimir effects - I believe that the smoke monster is in fact, some sort of machine, controlled by an operator, possibly from the third island. That's too much to really get into now. But I suggest anyone who wants to get into the story of what's happening OFF the island, that causes what's happening ON the island, to research The Hanso Foundation, and all of it's subsidaries, e.g. Mittelos Bioscience etc...

    Regardless, watch the new video(s) - the producers plan on releasing more teasers like this throughout the coming months to keep people like me happy while I wait until January/February for the new season to start.
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  4. Feel free to PM me ANY questions you might have. I am more than willing to give you an in depth answer.
  5. Who the hell planted that plane?

    WTF is the polar bear doing in Tunisia? What logo/station was it from?

    What is a "Lost"?
  6. The plane was obviously something from Abbadon's company, somewhere along the Hanso chain is my guess. The bear in Tunisia, don't know why it was there, but the logo she found with it was that of The Hydra. Which is where the bear's cages were, and where Kate, Sawyer, and Jack were held captive in their respective cages. The animal research facility.
  7. That'd make sense, since the crew that just arrived off his ship didn't seem surprised that there were survivors n shit.
  8. dont like the ghostbusting.
  9. Yeah, but they are not from anyone we know about just yet. They are not from any group that's here to rescue them. Which has been made pretty clear.
  10. #$%#ing EPIC. sayid is 10 kinds of badass.

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