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  1. philosophy :

    A Lotus is not just an engine, or a chassis. It is a complete, balanced and efficient package, achieving performance through innovation, light weight and purist design.

    The driver is always considered a fundamental component part of a Lotus, inherent in the design and development process, the ingredient ultimately which will derive the pleasure of the complete package.

    A Lotus gives the driver a sensation of intimacy and communication, of being part of the structure, responding exactly as the driver requests with a level of satisfaction and pleasure which is unique.

    Developed by drivers for drivers, able to satisfy those with high skill levels while maintaining safety and flattering those with lesser ability.

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    They really are drivers's cars, aren't they? Lotus makes extreme cars, and I doubt that anyone in the world other than the Italians can produce a more involving drive.

    As for the Elise, some more power would be nice, but they have a great package here. I'd like to see the S2000 engine in one of these...but, then again, maybe that would spoil the experience.<!-- Signature -->
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    Except the Esprit which was designed for America. The Elise goes back the basics of the europa and elan. <!-- Signature -->
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    US car makers don't knwo how to make a light car , that's why they need very big engines , with an enormous fuel consumption , and I don't talk about the air pollution...
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    US car makers know how to make a light car. But they do not because they do not believe that it would sell well in America. Also crash requirements are much stricter in America. Americans like a big chunk of metal surounding them. They also like every creature comfort available in thier cars. That is what many Americans want, so car companies build cars the people want. But I think that if the Elise is brought to America, the big car companies will see that a minamilist will sell in America and they will make some.

    The big engines come from the American love of torque. Look at the current corvette engine, it is lighter and more compact than the Mercedes 4.3l, lexus 4.3l, or the BMW 4.4l.

    And you should not bring up emmisions, America has some of the strictest emmision laws in the World. Notice how the k-series will not pass emmisions in America, let alone California.

    What about Mosler. Look at that MT900 and see if America can make light cars.

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    EliseS2 is right. You can't say a nation can't make a type of car. If an American company could make an Elise style car profitably they would. The Irony is that they would probably call Lotus in to engineer it.

    The Lotus based VX220/Speedster are made for companies both owned by GM. <!-- Signature -->
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    the above person is the biggest wanker I've ever heard apart from Guibo.......no Power?......have u driven one?
    A focus engine?........what are you smoking?
    The 190bhp version of this gets from 0-60mph in 4.4 secs.........what more can you ask for?<!-- Signature -->
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    what more could i ask for? 0-60 in 4.3, just kidin the elise isnt the most powerful car in the world but at 1500 pounds it dont need to be!
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    I love this car because of its design and history.<!-- Signature -->

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