Lowering my carbon footprint again

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by xDRAN0x, Sep 24, 2012.

  1. Not legal? What's this bologna?

    Your house was built in the 60's, no?
  2. Excellent. You'll really enjoy it.
  3. yes
  4. I'll make sure to let our 1985 chevy diesel delivery truck on for a few ours extra this week to make up for your enviromestalist smartsy-pantsy to keep the balance.

  5. *lighting skills. You can't remove weight from flames.
  6. You could if you found a way to box them up..
  7. The inside of the cheminee, I got it checked
  8. Thanks <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  9. I still don't understand.

    The chimney on my house is all brick. It's was built within the laws when my house was built in 1990. The insurance said back in 2010 that my chimney was not legal. I told them it was legal back in 1990 and how could I have guess, back in 1990, that in 20 years after it would be not legal anymore.

    It's like if I bought a Plymouth Hemi 'Cuda brand new in 1970, (God, I would kill to own one) and someone would have told me that in 2012, your Hemi 'Cuda won't be legal with emission laws. It was built in the laws of 1970. Does that mean that have to change all the emission on the 'Cuda? Nope.

    Same thing for the house.
  10. As long as you're just burning wood you haven't changed your carbon footprint one bit. You're probably putting out a lot less particulate matter and junk, though.
  11. if you can't make toast on it then its useless.
  12. reminds me last winter some older drunk idiot local in the pub kept putting loads of wood on the fire they have there, the landlord told him to stop doing it, there was various banter about him being a pyromaniac from the other locals, etc.

    Then he goes and puts this big piece of wood that had glue on it or something, cue a shitload of thick, noxious smelling smoke come out of the fire and setting off all the smoke detectors and fire alarm, which the landlord had to reset. Said local get a bollocking and the landlord handed me the fire poker (as I was set next to the fire), he said if that old bloke comes near the fire, I had permission to bash him over the head with it.
  13. maybe he was actually trying to poke you with it because he thought your head was the fire

    ho ho hoooo
  14. Lol who puts on a fireplace in a pub? Thats asking for trouble
  15. fireplaces in pubs make for a good atmosphere

    its asking for trouble when you let any drunken dildo stack it
  16. its more on the St-Bruno's side, EPAs are not mandatory yet but they are looking at it. Also, most fireplace, even old ones, require a "gaine" to be put inside to prevent leaks and stuff.

    Also, my house is 30y older than yours so its pretty different. The gaine is required by the city and the firemen.
  17. it burns way less wood for the same result, i.e. it doesn't drain the whole house of its air and hence, doesn't make the house cooler, so you heat less again...
  18. oh and v8, do you have a good price on des maudites cordes de bois? Je vais en acheter avec mon beau-père mais maudit que c'est cher en ce moment ! (90-140$/corde, et le bois a pas l'air beau)
  19. I want a nest to reduce my footprint, but I see mixed reviews.

    we have a gas unit to burn fire in the house, but its not the same as a real one (no smell ) so I built a nice field stone huge fire pit in the back yard and its the tits for having people over.
  20. they're also fun for playing the most exciting game in backyard drinking.
  21. I had a gas unit at my last place and I didn't really like it, the fees are ridiculous also.
  22. The same goes for dogs, I've heard.
  23. There's no way dogs are even remotely as bad as humans. We live a hell of a lot longer, buy cars, build houses, temperature control all our buildings, etc.
  24. Ofcourse not, but I remember having seen some study on the carbon running costs of a car versus a dog which found the dog to generate more CO2 than the car. I don't think they considered manufacturing and scrapping costs into this however.
  25. make sure the wood is dry, seems trivial but a lot of idiots sell it still moist to n00bs. If its not dry its not gonna burn well at all. Stacking a few cord of firewood is a good fall workout too.

    also, regarding the "chimeny vs. 426 hemistage 8 cuda" debate. I think that modifiying the 50+ year old chimney is also for safety purposes so it can be insured/legal, no? More like getting the big block brawler safetied (required at registration for all vehicles going on the road) vs getting it emissions tested (N/A and grandfathered from original design if vehicle is ~20+ yrs old). v8stangman, would you still feel safe using an oil tank that was installed in 1960?

    Good that you got that, wood is a good alternative. Especially when the cost of CH4 skyrockets, following suit with Mazout, gaz etc.

    Kind of related for northern climate people, I think a radiant hydronic system with a wood/pellet/corn/etc fired outdoor boiler in a little shack is a good fit for (rural) Canada and the northern USA. Or use that as a top up for winter high load in conjunction with a ground source heat pump and you could have some cooling effect in the summer? Sick m8.

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