LP640 vs 599 GTB vs Zonda F

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  3. that Zonda looks boss
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    More R&D... better as a track car.

    By 'sophisticated', I mean mechanically advantageous or substantial. The Zonda F has more of a track pedigree where the Lambo's improvements really only add to subjective value > like the sound.

    ... I guess this is one of the reasons I think so:

  7. dude, that test was BS. something wrong with that green car. two or three tests with that green egear LP640 got 0-200 in 12ish while 3 or 3 other tests (all with different LP640s) got 0-200 in low 11s.
  8. Yeah... you may be right, but I'd still speculate that a Zonda F would be faster around a track.
  9. depends on the track, and the drivers.
  12. Zonda F is the only one that matters.
  14. Ferrari

    Lamborghini Pagani

    Pagani Lamborghini

    but this is a bad poll.
  15. 599 GTB, can I have 288 GTO though?
  16. we are extremely biased though
  17. i remember when the obvious choice was the ferrari f40/post pandas sister option

    ah, the good old days
  18. 599 GTB
    Zonda F
  19. F%#$, me too! Although i'm an strong lp640 supporter, it's just outclassed. LP640>>>599 gtb fiorano, though
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    I`ve found something interesting in this forum, about the 599 and Enzo <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>,Stefan Roser`s words:


    scroll until you reach down the post by Hesperus.

    Very, Very interesting
  21. the Enzo will never loose to a CGT around a track. SEVERAL tests have proven this.
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    It will never loose huh?

    Vairano (Quattroruote) Lap Times

    4. 1’17”349 - 119.15 Kph - Porsche Carrera GT --SUPERTEST 2005--
    6. 1’17”448 - 119.00 Kph - Ferrari Enzo Ferrari --SUPERTEST 2005-
  23. oops, never mind. I ment it the other way around. sorry. I ment to say that the CGT would never loose. despite what TG says.

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