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  1. How is it not official?
  2. I love it. STFU if you have any problems.
  3. Audi needs to keep an eye & firm grip on Ferrucio's strategies. His strategies led the company to being bankrupt & nearly out of business.

    What Audi needs to do is stop this nonsense & force Lamborghini to develope a 2 door front engine sports car along with an SUV line to increase their sales. They won't be able to survive on 2 models evolutionizing them every year. Not going to happen & thats why they've stopped production at the moment & lost their biggest dealer in Cali.

    They need to seriously expand their model range. Leave the 4 door coupe on the drawing board. SUV & 2 door front engine please.
  4. This thread is now a train wreck.
  5. 1. Lamborghini has never been more profitable because of Audi and that won't change soon.

    2. Porsche will not allow Lamborghini to make a small front engined sports car or another SUV (to much competition).

    3. they lost the Cali dealer because the owner of said Cali dealer was financially stupid.

    4. SIT DOWN

    5. SHUT UP

    6. ????

    7. profit.
  6. Er, actually Lamborghini flourished under Feruccio's ownership, despite having no publicity from racing. If you did your homework you might figure out that it was the horrendous mismanagement of later owners which created hardship and bankruptcy for the company.

    And, yet again because you can't seem to get this into your head, Lamborghini needs another SUV like Ferrari needs another Mondial - less so, even. The LM program was a failure, and a hare-brained idea. SUVs do tend to be hotter sellers these days, but they also do immeasurably greater damage to brand image. Because Lamborghini doesn't race, the company depends entirely on the road cars to create desirability for the brand.
    It also relies on amazing styling - which is probably the reason the company's still alive three decades after filing for bankruptcy. It's physically impossible to design an SUV with looks to match any of the company's supercars (ever).

    I'll agree with you however (!) that Lamborghini definitely needs to expand, and more critically differentiate, their model range. I've always felt that the Gallardo was too similar in intent to the Murcielago, and cannibalised sales. A front-engined model would be great, four-doored or not (the Estoque concept did receive some backlash -it's pretty radical for a company that's almost exclusively produced full-on supercars since 1978- but it also generated a large amount of interest and positivity).

    But it's not *essential*. As much as you may not want to believe this, the company has been doing pretty well for the past decade selling supercars only (and supercars developed on a comparatively tight budget).
    The recession may well change that, but it's affecting the sales of GTs too. Other than supermini builders, nobody's doing very well out there and it's hard to figure out what kind of products can change a company's fortunes (and by the time said products have reached the marketplace, odds are the times will have moved on again).
  7. Even must admit this is an insanely cool car.

    Makes me like Murcielago's again.

    Cannot wait to hear it.
  8. omg, ignorance is a bless.
  9. The saying is " Ignorance is bliss"
  10. english is not my 1st language
  11. You do realize that Ferrari also went bankruot, don't you ?
  12. how many languages do you speak ?
  13. shutup
  14. They won't be able to survive on 2 models evolutionizing them every year.

    2 models evolutionizing them every year.

    models evolutionizing them


  15. All of them.
  16. i saw this got to 7 pages and that crossed my mind immediately
  18. Totally awesome.
  19. ..... u serious?
  20. Yes I'm serious. This car makes the Reventon pointless & nowhere near the money paid out.

    If anything the Reventon should have had this car's performance, along with its rear. Now you would be talking a million bucks.

    And I still feel sorry for Lamborghini.
  21. I feel bad for Ferrari not making a wild car this good looking since 2002/03
  22. next year...
  23. They don't need to. The F40, F50 288GTO are still boggling minds.
  24. Too bad not any Ferraris being made right now are good looking in the first place either
  25. Enzo starts with "E"

    Murcielago starts with "M"

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