LT1 Fiero with NSX headlamps

Discussion in 'Modified / Tuned Cars' started by 84FordMan, Aug 23, 2006.

  1. 3XX something on the rear, Lambo width.

    Brake upgrade is coming.
  2. The front bumper looks horrible
  3. That's good. Though, even 13" rotors look kind of small in 20" wheels (not that I know that's what it's getting). I assume they're 315-335s Either would work fine on a 12" wheel. Diablos run 335s. Though, 345s are out there. But I don't know if they make them in 20". I was just curious what they were as I'm running 315s on my 10.5" wheels. Though, they're only 18s, so I have a larger sidewall, allowing a greater difference.
  4. 245/35ZR19 on the front, 345/XXXR20 on the rear, I can't make out the sidewall or sticker in the thread.
  5. As for the front bumper, it is the factory GT bumper plus a chin spoiler, the chin spoiler is at an odd angle and that is on the still very long to-do list of things. The factory GT bumper was wind tunnel tested and designed by GM to withstand the speeds they would be going in IMSA racing with the Fiero.
  6. Why would an LT1 need 345s?
  7. it looks chopped
  8. Because they can make crazy power.
  9. mostly because it'll look badass.
  10. That too....Only I read it as he was questioning the power potential of an LT1.
  11. It's kind of sad that there are so many people that don't understand that that is as good of reason as any.
  12. Well let's see, it's a GM Performance Parts 385 Fast Burn crate engine, GM Hot Cam kit, 1.6 roller rockers, new springs, headers, hand-built exhaust and few other items kept under cloak and dagger. GMPP's 385 Fast Burn with Hot Cam makes 425 BHP.

    This particular engine is mated to the G6 6-spd manual.
  13. Lookin good! I would have used C5-R conversion headlights though.
  14. It is.
  15. Thank you for the explanation. I was wondering why it was so shiny.
  16. Some more recent pictures and the color he is thinking of painting it.
  17. That chin spoiler hangs to much. it shouldn't run lower than the side skirts.

    Oh, and btw, I wanna sex it. great retrofit on the headlights. The widebody is awesome and looks unique in the front quater pannels. I've not seen one like that before. Boss sauce.

    Damn though. I see a great Fiero and I always wish it was on a tube chassis.. Or at least not the flimsy thing I know is under there.
  18. I really don't like it. And that isn't just my MR2 bias speaking.
  19. the front overhang is is like 4 feet long
  20. imo a little bit to much
  21. Those don't look like wide enough to be 345's. They look like maybe 275's.
  22. which is pretty pointless considering it's a rear engine car.

    I want his HRE's in 19's.
  23. Ditto. I appreciate the effort thats gone into it and I like the fact that it has a monster of an engine.

    But it just looks wrong. I think the wheels are too big.

    Good thing it'll be fast though, and thats what matters with something like this.
  24. fugly. big rimms without big brakes is fail annyway.
  25. It's still far from complete, it still hasn't left V8 Archie's shop yet from what I understand and larger brakes was a definite before the HREs went on.

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