Lurkers! Come Out And Post Here!

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Metamorphosis, Mar 31, 2009.

  1. Show yourselves!

    I have something special planned for you guys. Now show yourselves.

    Even non-registered visitors. Show yourselves!
  2. Signing in.
  4. I knew it, give me more!
  5. ohsnap.

    why u no poast anymoar?
  6. so it looks like i has a life ;_;
  7. currently lurking
  8. Life after Mech fArts: Looking brighter everyday

    Change is good.
  9. LOL

  10. what do you have planned for us?
  11. you know, i said this to Blackface tonight, lurking is a lost art around here. this place still wouldn't be decent, but damn would it be better if newer members still lurked a ton before posting.
  12. Good good, I need more. I'm waiting.
  13. I'm not really a lurker, but I don't post often.
  14. Ive been lurking since 2002, who the #$%# is that impostor that cant spell for shit?
  15. add me to the list
  16. Signing in...
  17. I hate these creepy threads.
  18. Who's the queer in the avatar
  19. hi i not lurk today
  20. I'm going to lurk this thread.

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