M5 Rival ?

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  1. I'm hearing people talking about GTO x Mustang and stuff...

    But, this car isn't a Mustang rival. It's based Holden COMMODORE !

    Anyway, thinking in Commodore/Monaro, the size of the car, and its style are to be compared to a BMW M5.

    The GREAT point is that we don't have in GM/Ford any M5 rival. So I think this is the GM plan.

    To build a GREAT M5 rival.

    Both cars have the same size, 4 seats and ~5.0 liter V8s under their hoods...

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    The HSV GTS beat the M5 around the nurburgring a couple years ago and has similar power and performance and brakes but probably isnt as nice inside.
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    That's exactly what I said !!!!!

    We don't have a BMW M5 rival on US !!!

    Since it (GTO) has the power of Monaro and they have space to make it a good luxury car to match a BMW M5, why not ?

    GM Muscle cars aren't seeling well for years... BMW M5 is growing up (in market share) year by year...
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    Would I be correct to assume that you read this in the August '00 issue of Motor Magazine? If so, I agree, the GTS did very well. An interesting contrast, though, is outlined in the December '02 issue, where the M5 beats both the GTS and the Jag S-Type R. Admittedly, the M5 bears a much larger price tag, but as far as I'm concerned, anyone in the market for a top-class sports saloon can't be a tight-arse; that's the crowd the Hyundai Grandeur was made for. It's interesting, though, that the current GTS, with a near-identical power-weight ratio, should be edged out this time around. I guess they must have looked at the overall package, as opposed to outright speed. Nonetheless, I think it'll be a while before the M5 can be challenged at its own game; being bloody quick, as well as remaining the world's fastest saloon car.
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    Your so stupid! I guess the mustang wasn't as good as the camaro, because it was based on a falcon! A FAMILY car!!!
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    are you serious...ur actually thinking that u could put this chunk of crap up against argueably the worlds most luxurious 4 door sports car!!!???
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    The '03 Mustang (and the '04 concept) AREN'T based on a FAMILY car.

    SORRY, WE'RE IN 2003 !

    Anyway, I may be wrong, but I'm not blaming anyone.

    And I'm not dissliking this car by comparing it with a BMW M5.

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    I dont really think that it's a M5 rival, cause the M5 is a family sedan and this is a coupe. But I would rather take the Beemer before this one.
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    Ya want a M5 competitor this is the Ford peformance vehicles GT it makes 290kw and 520 nm its got 4 doors carrys 5 in comfort and looks great.

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    BMW has M5 versions with 2 doors (including the convertibles).

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    get your facts right , you probably mean a M3.
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    you never said anything about the US, you said within gm which hsv is.

    teh hsv gts comes in both sedan and coupe so the sedan is frequently compared to the m5 and e55. the sedan tends to be quicker than the coupe but the coupe recently beat an m3 around a track and wasnt for off the new e55.
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    The M5 is the unarguable best four dore on this earth, and a GTS can match it in speed but falls short on ever other front.

    monaro Vs M5 is a bit stupid cars have, different tech levels different power, different amount of dores.....

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    the hsv beat it round the nurburgring so it can also handle pretty well. that was also the old model, the current ones have huge 6piston brakes, better tuned suspension so they are now even quicker and a better interior
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    As a car people had the money they are going to the M5, people who Buy a small 30 inch TV dont buy it because its better than a 120 inche flatron Sony, they by it because they cant pay for a huge tv morks the same way the . shore the GTS is money for value any form it comes in. but a rival of a M5 must wear a GT-HO badge and for the GM likers hear the Monaro GTS. New M5 with 370kw would kick the next GTS that is said to have a 6.2 maxing at 350kw

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    if you right about the gts (which i think you might be) then it will definately be able to keep up with the heavier m5 and e55 in a straight lne and on the race track for a fraction of the price. And the interior of hsv's have really iomproved in the last couple years so it will be a great car
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    I'm not to sure about a M5 rival but id think this would go pretty good against the MB CLK55 AMG. sure it seems it bit out there but if u look at the stats they are practically identical. The MB may have about 17 more horsepower but thats not really the point. the gto and clk both have v8's but accordin to this site the M5's got a v10 wit 500 hp. gto and clk are both 2dr coupes and the m5 is 4. i dont know what the time is in the 1/4 mile for the M5 is but the CLK did it in 13.1 sec. at about 108 mph where as the gto was 13.8 at 101 mph. Im sure the M5 will prolly be a second or 2 faster but yeah heh. which would u have? the M5 i think i'll be around 60-90 grand i think, CLK55 bout 77 grand, and the GTO 33 grand. Pretty much the same stats so yeah.......whats yer opinion?
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    we're talking about the current v8 m5 not the one coming out in a couple months with a v10

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