M5 vs. M6

Discussion in 'Car Pictures' started by CAr FrRReAKK, Dec 18, 2004.

  1. so which one do u think looks better.............
  2. M6, no contest.
  3. Too early to tell, I want to see these two in person before, I didn't like the look of the 645 until i saw a like 5 of them, then I liked it. Plus I give a thumbs down to the Rims.

    My vote goes to the M5 for now.
  4. They're both super ugly from certain angles.
  5. M5,it looks just amazing in person IMO
  6. 5...the 6 front doesn't look very agressive to me at all.
  7. M6 on looks. The M5 looks more aggressive but a bit boring in person.
  8. Agreed. M6, but that doesn't mean its good looking; simply better than the M5
  9. M6, that colour is so nice
  10. i would take the M5, cause i think it looks more aggresive and cause it's 4 door
  11. The M5 is way more agressive looking from the front. However, agressive doesn't mean better. I would say that the M6 looks better right now. I would have to see them both in person fisrt before I can be sure.

    Any word on wheter or not they will both be at the NAIAS?
  12. i like them both but would rather have the m6
  13. M5. The M6's ass looks like crap.
  14. I miss the old M5...classic sleeper feel to it, not this in your face styling.
  15. The M6 is easily the better looking car overall, but the M5 does have a much more aggressive front treatment.
  16. I'd take the M6, even if it's probably more of a 'girls' car.
  17. That type of power suits the M6 more... I just cannot see the M5 doing 205 mph with the kids in the back.
  18. word nigguh
  19. I would take the BMW M6. Less agressive than the M5

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