M6 walks all over C6 Z06

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  1. can i ask you something.. how the #$%# was that getting "walked all over"???..they were even until ~160mph.
  2. No, #$%# you. That was a good race, but think about it this way, you could buy two z06s for what that m6 cost with all the mods. More money equals faster than less money.
  3. And with the M6 you get choices of 11 gearbox settings, a back seat, 3 suspension settings, more distinction, and more exclusivity.

    This is a perfect example of why, when given 12 dollars, some yanks would buy a 30 case of ice house instead of a 12 pack of guinness.
  4. It's like comparing a hamburger to a fillet mignon.
  5. It's more like getting your sister drunk on Bud Light and #$%#ing her compared to taking a girl out, feeding her a few glasses of chianti (with some nice fava beans) and rooting her.
  6. We have here an example of each.
  7. NO, STFU<A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/angry.gif"></A>
  8. Throw them on a race track and see who wins.
  9. M6. Z06 would cover half the track backwards.
  10. I don't care if you're the biggest BMW fan boy in the world, a C6 Z06 would kill the M6 around a race track, christ even JC would agree
  11. Nope
  12. Who's driving?
  13. that's probably the single most critical question.
  14. what are you talking about??? I doubt the ZO6 would "kill" the M6..

    someone post up that "owned" picture with the camaro and curvey road sign
  15. The M6 is lucky it was modified, koz otherwise...
  16. Z06 is faster around a track than a Zonda for shitsakes. It might not be utter domination, but you're wrong.
  17. Indeed.
  18. depends on who's driving. The Z06 is HARD to drive at the limit.
  19. Does being this much of a fanboy hurt?
  20. Hockenheim
    1:11.5 --- 130.805 km/h – Corvette Z06, 512 PS/1442 kg (sport auto04/06)
    1:14.4 --- 125.806 km/h - BMW M6, 507 PS (sport auto 12/2005)

    7:49 --- 158.124 km/h -- Corvette Z06, 512 PS/1440 kg (sport auto 06/07)
    8:09 --- 151.656 km/h -- BMW M6, 507 PS/1761 kg (sport auto 12/05)

    1:40,26 – 131,08 km/h - Corvette Z06, 512 PS/1445 kg
    1:46,90 – 123.50 km/h - BMW M6 (AutoBild 7/2005)

    I know you weren't serious. But I wanted to see how much faster the Corvette actually is.
  21. That's a #$%#ing stupid question. If two cars are to be tested around a track they aren't going to get a 16 year-old with a learners permit to do it.

    I give the M6 to the Stig and the Z06 to you and tell me that you're going to lap faster than him u #$%#ing dumbarse.
  23. No, it is a stupid question. As you show it always depends on who is driving. We are comparing the cars, not the drivers. If you want to compare drivers, do that at superdrivers.net. In this thread we are comparing the cars.
  24. Uhm no, IT'S NOT A STUPID QUESTION. The cars in that video DIDN'T DRIVE THEMSELVES, THEY NEEDED TWO DRIVERS, and if you "Throw them on a race track" to "see who wins", guess what would happen? YES, YOU'D ALSO NEED TWO DRIVERS, so stop masturbating to laptimes achieved by TRAINED DRIVERS and shut the #$%# up.

    "We are comparing the cars, not the drivers"

    And what is 2998ccCSL doing? or myself? are you #$%#ing blind?

    Magazine racers/dumbasses.
  25. zo6 all day everyday. is this a joke? are we talking performance or perception?

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