MacGyver is here.

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  1. You are great in Stargate Sg-1. Will you be my dad?
  2. what happened to you, macgyver?
  3. Hes Building an ass kicking machine from 3 boots and a spindle
  4. MacGyver is old news.
  5. i still don't know what mcgyver is
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  7. Took me a while but it's finished.
  8. How is Dalton ?
  9. AWSOME!
  10. hey mcguyver hows that mall security guard position going?
  11. How much do you estimate your Swiss Army Knife would sell for on Ebay?
  12. where is this nigga
  13. this mac gyver fellow has really bad manners
  14. Please excuse my recent bad manners but this MacGyver fellow has a midterm tomorrow. I decided to get my masters after leaving the Phoenix Foundation. Advanced semiconductors, why do you torture me so!
  15. You are excused . So now you you can build a veyron out of a scale model ?
  16. Yes, I'm selling each for $19.95 plus S&H.
  17. for the 1/1 ? thats cheap .
  18. I think that I haven't even seen one MacGyver episode...
  19. MacGyver is Chuck Norris' brother.
  20. Didn't know that, I sometimes watched Texas Rangers...
  21. I want Norris' pick up truck with the white sirens.

    Last time I remember, Macgyver didn't have a car.
  22. MacGyver drove several cars throughout the series.

    RDA owns an NSX.
  23. You once made a car made from a pool table and a cash register
  24. Mac, I love you. As much as I love Eddie, I love you. But not in a gay way.
  25. How about a hair cut ?

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