Mah colleague tests the Donkervoort D8 GT

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    The hardtop thing...

    With subtitles btw

  2. I would rather have a Donkervoort than a Caterham.

    No idea why.
  3. because you're legally blind.
  4. Probably because it's so different and everyone has knows what a caterham is.

    And plus, you don't really see it once you're in it
  5. Caterhams look way better.
  6. this car is SO awesome. i would rather own the one without a roof though.
  7. Both are ugly. Radical FTW
  8. did this man just say Caterhams are ugly...........and Donkervoorts........
  9. Bit of a price difference.
  10. echt een supercool speeltje.

    de enige d8 gt? of de enige in de showroom ofzo? er zijn er toch veel meer?

  11. yeah radical makes lotus 7-esque cars like caterham, so they're directly comparable...!!!!

  12. Donkervoorts are definitely better than caterhams or radicals. Simply because Donkervoort is so fun to say. I mean really! Say it out loud! Donkervoort. DONKERVOORT. DONKERvoort. donkerVOORT!
  13. Looks fantasticallly ugly/awesome. Would take over a Caterham.
  15. Die andere waren preproductie modellen. Joop is niet gauw tevreden met zijn spullen. Nu kan je daadwerkelijk een bestelling plaatsen.
  16. I really dislike that body style, regardless of the manufacture/version
  17. I think it looks cool.
  18. where would one actually buy one of these from?
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