make fun of memebers with ms paint

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by 944turb0, May 26, 2007.

  1. whats on the belt ?
  2. 40 oz of cock, lolol
  3. A-HAHAHAHA, Raging Balls.
    Very nice.
  4. Thanks. I actually saved the file as "ragingballs.jpg".
  5. Gentlemen,

    I am Aych Es Vee and i regret to inform you, that i am extremely foolish and stupid to say the very least. You may discuss this matter further.

  6. Timmy and you have mad skills, holy shit.
  7. SRSLY
  8. not really making fun, but whatev
  9. where can I DL the MS Paint .exe to see if it works w/ Wine?
  10. Enough.

    I am the King, the undisputed King. What do you bloody worthless labourers know about becoming a King. A king's relationship is only with his throne, everything else is irrervent. There is a rather heavy price to be paid for the throne.
  11. jesus #$%#ing christ you nigs are good
  12. haha, good one
  13. this thread is teh lols
  14. You just don't understand how I look, that's all... ;_;

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