Man drove on wrong side of 401 for 25 km

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    A 39-year-old Aurora man is facing charges after he was spotted driving the wrong way down Hwy. 401 early Friday.

    Police say several witnesses reported seeing a Toyota RAV4 driving east on the westbound 401 near Trafalgar Rd. around 3 a.m.

    Soon after, an officer heading west in the westbound lanes tried to stop the vehicle as it neared Dixie Rd., but had to perform a last-minute evasive manoeuvre to avoid colliding head-on with the SUV as it passed, said OPP Const. Graham Williamson.

    About five kilometres down the highway, near Hwy. 427, officers on the eastbound 401 were able to grab the driver’s attention across the median with their cruiser’s blaring sirens and flashing lights.

    The driver pulled over – almost 25 kilometres from where he was first spotted – and was promptly arrested, Williamson said.

    While wrong-way drivers are “a very common call” for police, “most people realize what they’ve done and quickly correct themselves. Occasionally there’s one who gets stopped and fortunately in this instance there were no injuries or collisions,” Williamson said.

    Il Kyoung Kim is charged with dangerous driving, refusing to comply with a breathalyzer demand and impaired driving.

    He is due to appear Sept. 27 in a Brampton court.
  2. Only in Ontario you see stupidities like this
  3. whaaat, quebec is the capital of north america for stupidities
  4. What?

    No #$%#in' way!!!<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/angry.gif"></A>
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    Family of 4 killed by wrong-way driver

    A family of four is dead after a man driving the wrong way on an interstate highway in Idaho slammed into them head-on, authorities said.

    Amado Herrera, 48, of California, was driving west on Interstate 84 near Glenns Ferry, Idaho, with three passengers when a pickup truck slammed into them Thursday night, Idaho State Police said.

    Eusebio Jacobo Pineda, 45, was driving his Ford F-150 the wrong way on the highway shortly before 8:50 p.m. when he hit Herrera's Nissan four-door, police said.

    Herrera and his passengers died instantly. Pineda was taken to a hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, police said.

    Others in Herrera's car were identified as Luz Herrera, age unknown, Ivette Herrera, 18, and Antoni Herrera, 9. All are from South El Monte, California.

    All of the Herreras were wearing seatbelts, police said in a written release.

    It's not known whether Pineda wore a safety belt, they said. Pineda's truck rolled after impact, police said, and local media images showed the entire front end of Herrera's car crushed.

    Traffic on Interstate 84 was blocked for about four hours Thursday night.

    Police told CNN Friday that the crash is still under investigation. No criminal charges had been filed.
  6. How can a driver does'nt know that's he's on the wrong side of a highway is beyond me.
  7. This is why we don't give driver's licenses to old people like Stangman.
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  13. America does everything bigger.
  14. Thought this was about some guy in a veyron going 401 and either having his tyres assplode or running out of fuel.
  15. A dude did this outside of Banff like 10 years ago... Worst head on accident I've ever seen.
  16. yeah because people in Quebec know exactly what he's doing.
  17. so bad your development stopped since
  18. Oh look everyone but me is on the wrong side of the road. That's odd.
  20. damn Canadians
  21. This news in America? Next time report neighbourhood dog lose weight?
  22. Oh dont worry, they do that already

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