Man the youtubes, fav videogame soundtrack tracks!

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  1. Let's stick to one song per post so it doesn't become a mile long per page, the rocket league thing I just posted in the game thread reminded me there were a crapload of good tracks (or already existing songs used in videogames), so let's dump favs

    Always loved the atmosphere in Borderlands:

    Jesper Kyd - Welcome To Fyrestone
  2. Also good memories of Underworld going full 90's goa on WipeOut 2097 when I was 15 or so, haha

    Underworld - Tin There
  3. ny soundtrack by Blizzard (SC1-2, Diablo1, etc.
  4. mass effect

    this thread is too nerdy
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  5. Also, FIFA series also usually featu 50-60% songs I'd gladly listen to again, same goes for FIFA16, but they really used one of Beck's finest this time, really suits the game. Big miss was putting in Parade Of Lights - Feeling Electric, which is such a blatant M83 rip.

    Beck - Dreams
  6. Always liked UT99 soundtrack

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  7. Super smash bros for the wiiu probably has the biggest soundtrack i've ever seen. Literally hundreds of songs.
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  8. Come to think of it that loading screen lasted at least that song length... ah cassette times. :)
  9. Yeah I don't know...

    Also World Cup '98.

    I'm not a gamer.
  10. No one posted? Seriously??
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  11. And while we're at some Mass Effect:
  12. And from one of the best games ever:

  13. funkiest soundtrack ever

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