Man Used Sex Offender List To Go On Killing Spree

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by 84FordMan, Apr 25, 2006.

  1. there was a guy going around killing people up here in the northwest a few years ago, he found convicted rapists that had been released from prison and then had killed them.

    then turned himself in.

    then pleaded instanity.

    dont know what happened after that... i say good for him (maybe not this guy, not if they wernt actually raping women)
  2. Right....Rhem police is always right on top of public saftey.
  3. I'd suspect that rapists and other sexual offenders probably have serious mental issues. On those grounds I'm generall sympathetic vs. someone who rationally commits a crime (e.g. those involved in organized crime)...
  4. Community corrections is pretty much bullshit when it comes to pedos and sex offenders.
  5. Those are the people i consider sex offenders.
  6. thats just #$%#ed up.
  7. Grand Theft Auto + anger towards sex offenders = this
  8. Get back to me when you have a kid.
  9. Good kill those #$%#ers. I don't give a shit if you're busted #$%#ing an underage girl when you're a year older. You know the law, abide by it.

    These perverted #$%#s need to be known and chemically castrated.
  10. yeah, its perverted to screw someone 1 year younger?
  11. If you are exer, 1 year younger is not young enough.
  12. he should be thanked.
  13. Cape-Breton eh? Interesting indeed.
  14. Yeah, its the video games fault.
  15. Use your #$%#ing brain. Is it worth it to #$%# an underage person when all it takes for your ass to go on that list is someone piping up to the cops?
  16. Exactly and whenever you move, you are required by law to update or register again on the sex offender's list. All your neighbors are informed you are on the list, but not told why.

    Really, would you risk being embarassed and having such a legal burden on you for the rest of your life just because you couldn't boink a girl your own age?
  17. Unless the police plan on standing between your house and his house 24/7 its absolutely your business.

    I mean what are you gonna tell me, the police are gonna get there in time to stop him before he can walk across the lawn?

    They deserve any kind of shit they catch, and I can't believe you're sympathetic torwards a rapist...
  18. It was wrong of him to do it, and besides teh one guy no one will miss them.

    But that list shouldn't be made public to everyone. Maybe instead inform of people when they move in.
  19. I don't see one reason why it shouldn't be made public. What if a child molester moved next to your house and you had little brothers and sisters? Wouldn't you want to know the guy was a rapist? Shouldn't everyone know the guy is a rapist and to avoid him?

    People need to know these things.
  20. That may be true, but he doesn't deserve to die for it.
  21. Kinda like the movie Frailty.
  22. two wrongs dont make a right...
  23. Reminds me of The Boondock Saints
  24. He certainly doesn't. However, it's foolish to know you are breaking the law, especially a sex law, and still do it. There's so much at stake, and becoming a sex offender makes your life a lot tougher than it needs to be. You can wait a year and #$%# the same girl/guy, or just #$%# a different person who is of age.
  25. "Maybe instead inform of people when they move in."

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