Marine kills injured prisoner in Iraqi mosque

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Homero, Nov 16, 2004.

  1. Yeah, he'll post a thread made in 2001 when everything got deleted a few months ago. You must be right if he can't find it!
  2. Post the link where TDK made fun of the Spanish attack. Liar.
  3. I've said that because I wasn't even a member by 2001. I've signed up in May 2002.
  4. It doesn't exist, because he wasn't TDK. His username by that time was Spyder757 and he was banned few days after his celebration of the Madrid bombs.
  5. again, it doesnt matter when you did it, it simply remains that you've mocked victims and the US public in your words in context of 9/11.
  6. Again, never.
  7. OK. Post the link where Spyder757 made fun of the Spanish attacks. Liar.
  8. Welcome to, the magic place where all the posts from stupid banned members like Spyder757/TDK are deleted.
  9. deny it all you want, i spelled it out for you and everyone else here back in v2.0. it's the reason most members think you're a useless ass, besides the fact that you cant post objectively to save your life.
  10. Look, we can't judge the Marine yet. We don't fully know what happened, as we only have parts of the video, and we don't really know the context. The video only gives one angle. Lastly, we don't know what the Marine was thinking when he did it, or if he was thinking at all. Yes, it looks awful, and if he was just shooting an injured guy for the heck of it he should be appropriately punished, but we simply don't know enough to judge. Has anyone thought of waiting until the investigation before we jump on the guy?

    Furthermore, I don't see people pissing and moaning about the insurgents parading that woman on Al-Jazeera today blindfolded and blowing her brains out....
  11. its sick but i dont care that it was done

    BTW, i dont see Homero crying when Iraqi's kill helpless Americans

  12. You people act as if this is new warfare. Shit happens. He was a soldier, he was probably going to die, they may have done him a favor.
  13. If I were faced with a city full of fanatical terrorists, I wouldn't leave anyone alive either.
  14. Yes you did, you don't remember when some American made fun of something and you laughed about 9/11. You've done it more than once hypocrite.
  15. i picture your avatar saying that. wild.
  16. Post a thread about the Spain attacks, period. Oh, since you can't I guess the thread never existed.
  17. I'll bet he shot him like 4 times, thereby wasting 3 bullets.
  18. In your brainwashed land, of course not.
    Maybe your friend may help you... again.
  19. Here we go again, do you ever wonder WHY the guy would shoot him infront of a camera? Maybe because he still viewed him as a threat and thought it was justified? Maybe he's seen more than one insurgent fake dead only to kill the marine that comes close or turns their back.

    Shame on you assholes passing judgement on a situation where you would probably of done the same thing. Especially when you don't even know the details yet.
  20. He's a crazy murder. Face it.
    This wasn't an accident.
    It's pretty obvious that's the Marine's method.
  21. Aw, those poor little innocent Iraqi militants.
  22. The Marines as a whole?
  23. I love how people are like "why did he do it on camera!"

    I dont think that they dont get that they were in the middle of a warzone and whether a camera was rolling wasnt exactly their top priority.
  24. Will938 is right. 45 minutes earlier a marine was killed by an insurgent who was faking being dead. this was only 2 blocks north of where the incident in the mosque happened. i saw it on msnbc.
  25. He should of took a dump on them too.

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