Max P-71

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Wheelman, Dec 20, 2004.

  1. I'd want one in black.
  2. It was for sale, but now it's not because I want to keep it.
  3. one more

    Oh and I lifted the left side of the bumber back up cuz it used to sag.
  4. That's a 1998, or a 1999?

    The P-71's are optioned a little differently here. They're all white with dark blue interiors, rubber floors, and we have no spotlights.
  5. Yeah, they're big cars. I remember when my dad had a 1995 P-74, it was a whole day's event to fully detail the interior and outside.
  6. That's a good idea, keep them shiney for a while. But doesn't dust and shit stick to them?
  7. I need good pics. I love your car Max... I have the brochure of that year...
  8. Ahh, you punk! I've got no cruise control in mine.
  9. i have, in an empty parking lot
  10. 1+'z OptI0n3D 0uT bizna7ch

    and it's a 2000
  11. it's optioned the way that the cops wanted it.

    I used to have a dark blue 99 with 2 spotlights, rubber floor mats, blue interior, no cruise control. BTW is only had 53,000 miles and this one had 62,000 when I bought it.
  12. Sweet car. You should get some centercaps for the wheels though.
  13. when they get dirty you can just wipe the wheels clean with a rag and the tires you can re-oil.
  14. i have the caps I just haven’t bought the wheel bolts with the rib to mount them yet.
  15. Buy a front-mounted bike rack that looks like bumper-bars. Forget pulling people over, just be intimidating. If you get pulled over, just be like "I thought it was legal to have a rack to mount my bikes on."

    EDIT: Or do it Reich's way and get real bumberbars.
  16. Those dark blue P-71's look really badass. That would have been my second choice after the white, even though the blue ones are a little more rare here. Why'd you get rid of it?
  17. take better pictures wheelman.
  18. ....and put a brush to your car before you take the pictures. Damn lazy bum. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  19. Bah! Do you know how cold it was last night? Let's see you're American ass stand around in -20C weather and see how interested you are in brushing off your car for a bunch of froots on a website!
  20. But yeah, these pics are bunk. As soon as I have some time during the day, I'll take some much better ones.
  21. Except those things need a brake upgrade.

    Edit- shich they will probably get in a police version...
  22. You're right, I wouldn't do it! I would wait until daytime!

    -20C? That's -4F. I'd say it was just a few degrees warmer than that when I went out for dinner a few nights ago. I went to a nice and facy place downtown. Downtown means finding a parking meter. I had to park half a mile away from the place I was eating at! And boy, was there some wind with that too. So don't get me started!
  23. Well, with the wind chill it was -37.
  24. Police cars get all the good shit.

    Like Posi-traction!#$!!!
  25. Yeah, I don't think you guys are too much colder than we are.

    There are people that are so ignorant that whenever they hear the word Canada, that immediatley associate it with sub-arctic temperatures.

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