Mazda 323 GTX

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  1. are they good? did the protoge ever come with awd or just the 323 gtx hatch? wiki says USA never got the turbo engine, but did get the awd, but I've only ever seen two for sale and both of them sport the turbo.

    Can someone clarify for me what was available in the USA and if these cars are worth the metal they're build with? <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  2. there good IIRC. Think they are the only AWD protege, yeah turbo models are the best. Its too bad you guys have the 25 year rule, because the Pulsar GTi-R is waaaaaay more desireable.
  3. I can't afford anything desirable, so before I go learning more about this homo special nissan I'm going to twist my testicles firmly, but with careful precision.
  4. no one has any comment on reliability? what to look for when buying one? how much one should cost?
  5. Proteges in general are known to be pretty reliable. I have an 03 and have had no issues beyond my crashing it. 323 is the older model? I think throughout its age it was always reliable.
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  7. I used to own a 1990 mazda 323 gtx. Fast little cars. Their weakness is definately in their gearboxes, even the gtr varients with stronger gearbox are prone to failure. I went thru 2 before i decided it was time to let it go.
  8. was talking to the operations manager at my work and he told me of his project mazda 323 gt-r. It has a fully, fully worked gt-ae (wrc homologation) engine worked to 9's. Reckons over 500hp and well over 30k worth of parts, he does 95% of the labour himself. Which is absolutely fUcking insane for one of these pocket rockets
  9. Oh god. You were/are one of them?
  10. One of them? Well i owned the gtx about 5-6 years ago. Was fun and fast for what it was. Was a lot more fun than that vanilla atlezza ever was.
  11. i drove one once, theyre not too bad just shitty handling
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    Id love one of those
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  15. #$%# it, I think I'd rather have a jimny. they're just all around easier.

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